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Athens - Acropolis

Evan and Tracy have been together since 2000 and live in Vancouver, Canada.  The experience of travel and learning about the world and people who inhabit it is what inspires them to keep traveling.  They have always been interested in travel and in 2005 they had the opportunity to travel through Europe together.  It was during their seven week trip that they felt the impact of traveling together.  Sites and experiences in the many cities they visited were that much better because they got to share it with each other.  Through their ability to travel so well together, they confirmed that they were destined to be together.

In 2006, Evan proposed to Tracy at their summer place in the sunny Okanagan of British Columbia.  They were married in Richmond, BC in 2007 and have continued to travel whenever they can.  Being teachers they are fortunate to have the time to travel and definitely take advantage of the great vacation time.

Bora Bora - ATV







They have travelled extensively around the world, visiting 28 countries and learning about the people and culture.  Although they feel it is important to see all of the famous sight in a city, they also believe strongly in partaking in a unique experience.  Over time, memories fade but they find that these unique experiences endure, such as Ziplining in Jamaica and Hawaii , eating the most delicious cheese fondue in Gruyeres, and swimming with sharks in Bora Bora.

Egypt - The Sphinx

Egypt - Camel









Relationships can be difficult, especially in stressful situations such as when traveling.  They have learned a lot about each other and managing these situations through their experiences.  They also believe in keeping the spark alive in the relationship and try to find the romance a destination has to offer.  As a couple, they have learned how to effectively travel together and want to share their knowledge with other travelers so that everyone can create everlasting memories from their trips.