4 Summertime Travel Essentials!

Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa

As many people’s summer travel adventures get underway, we thought we would share some of our summertime travel essentials. In the summer (and sometimes all year round), we don’t leave home with out these gems!

Ziploc Bags

This is a year round must for us. We don’t travel anywhere with out some of these in our luggage. We have found so many uses for them, from sneaking a little food from our included buffet breakfast to have an inexpensive lunch, to using them to store extra laundry detergent after that unexpected Laundromat visit. We have found these items useful on many occasions, so we will be traveling with them wherever we go!

Swim Suits

We learned a very important lesson from our trip through Europe, both north and south…it can be smoking hot when you travel in the summer. We know this may seem a little obvious, but we didn’t realize how hot it could get. We wouldn’t have been able to manage it if we didn’t have a chance to take a dip in the pool at the hotels when possible, which meant we were glad we brought our swimsuits. Since that trip, we never head out without them. 


Evan has the unfortunate distinction of being one of those people with really sensitive eyes. He even struggles some cloudy days if the clouds are too white J. As a result, he is really affected by the brightness of the sun and this can really impact his experience while traveling. One trip Evan lost his sunglasses in transition from one city to another and we had to spend a large portion of the next day searching for a new pair or else he would have struggled to function. In summer, we always make sure to have a pair with us because you can expect the sun’s going to shine!

Bora Bora - Wearin our sunnies


This is probably a little obvious, but when we are creating a list of travel essentials, it needs to be included. We don’t go anywhere without our camera and it may be easy to see our obsession by looking at our other posts and seeing how pictures are a central focus for us. The majority of the pictures that appear on our website were actually taken by us. We are pretty proud of that fact. To keep that up, we need to keep bringing our camera with us everywhere we go!

Oregon Coast 9 - Summer Sunset

There are many other objects that always seem to make there way into our luggage, but those are definitely tops of the list of summer travel essentials. Maybe we will have to continue this list at another time to complete all our travel essentials…

What are your summertime travel essentials? What makes them necessary to you?




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