4 things to do in Parksville, BC!

I think you may be aware by this time, but we recently spent some time on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. We spent a big chunk of time in Parksville on the east side of the middle portion of the island. We stayed at the Tigh-Na-Mara Resort, which was a great place to see in it’s own right, but we also took time to explore things to see and do around Parksville. These were four of the best things we saw around the area. We hope you have a chance to check them out as well!

Rathtrevor Beach

The beach was quite amazing! It’s a big stretch just south of the town center (where most of the resorts are located) and seems to go on beyond sight. The tides are great here, so there is a big difference in the amount of beach between high tide and low tide. During low tide it is a great place to go and explore, as you will find all kinds of sea life. We came across crabs, clams, sand dollars, and other animals and we barely had to search (even saw a sea otter at one point). It would be great for families, but it is a nice place for couples as well (what beach isn’t when you can find a nice quiet spot). Parksville, BC - Rathtrevor sunset


A little town just outside of Parksville, Coombs is famous for one thing and that one thing was worth the drive out to us. It is the famous Coombs market that has a grass roof with goats grazing away. We are animal lovers, so we may be a little biased, but it is always interesting to see animals in a different light. These goats were pretty good because they were not shy and often spent their time right out on the edges of the roof where everyone can see them. The market itself isn’t bad; it has a great cafeteria style eating area in the back that is worth checking out if you have a chance. The pies are delicious; so take one with you on your way out.

Parksville, BC - Coombs Goats

Hiking in Little Qualicum Falls Park

There is hiking for all levels at the falls. We took the short trip down to the lower falls. It was a steeper walk, but was not long. We were rewarded with a great viewpoint of the canyon and lower falls. There is also a longer hike up to the upper falls that was supposed to be just as nice, but we did not have time to make this trip up.

Parksville, BC - Little Qualicum Falls


Parksville seems to be known for its mini-golf. Whenever we spoke to someone who had been to the area, the first thing they brought up was the mini-golfing. We did notice there were two locations with two separate 18 holes courses. We tried one course at Riptide Lagoon, and it was very fun! We believe trying one course out (at least) is a requirement. 

Parksville, BC - Riptide Lagoon Mini golf

There are plenty of other things to do in Parksville, but we stuck to the things that we had a chance to check out and stuck out to us. We hope you have a chance to make your way to western Canada and if you are in Parksville, we suggest you try these things out!


What is your favourite small town and what are the best things to do there?


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