4 ways to unwind while your traveling


 We have found through years of traveling that it can be stressful, as much as we love it, and sometimes you just need to do something to help yourself relax.  We have found numerous ways that work for us to unwind while you are on the road.  We thought we would share some of them with you and hope they will help you get back to having a great vacation.

Go for a picnic

We have found ourselves grabbing some food at a local grocery store and heading out on a picnic in many locations during our travels.  Our favourite spot for a picnic is Paris with all its amazing parks, but we have really enjoyed picnics in Zermatt, Switzerland, the Austrian Tyrol, and Hawaii, USA among others. We really like picnics because it gives us a chance to go out and enjoy some nature and get away from the rushing around and planning we are usually doing while traveling.  We find putting everything on hold for awhile while we go get some fresh air is just what we need to rejuvenate for the rest of our trip.  Of course if you do not like nature and are not a fan of fresh air, then this option may not be the best for you.

Paris - Picnic at TuileriesPutting our feet up while picnicking at the Tuileries in Paris!

Go to the beach

Similar to going for a picnic, it is nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air (sea air in some cases).  We love going to the beach to soak up some sun and unwind on the soft sand while cooling down in the refreshing water (lake or ocean).  Getting our necessary levels of Vitamin D seems to get us back in a positive mood and on our way again.  Why not combine the two and take a picnic to the beach for some real relaxation?  This one is a bit restricted, as it does require you are somewhere that a beach actually exists and the weather is nice enough while you are there to actually want to go to a beach.

Oregon - Beach Day!

Have a meal at a familiar restaurant

This is a real biggie for us.  We have been away from home for what was a long time for us on numerous occasions and, despite the fact we love visiting new places, we do miss some of the details of home.  Whenever these pangs of homesickness start to strike we have learned to find ourselves somewhere in the city that will remind us of home.  One of our favourite stops in our journeys is the Hard Rock Café.  This restaurant serves very typical American style food and they do it well in our opinion.  We love heading to a familiar eatery to soak in the familiar American/Canadian atmosphere.  It gives us our little slice of home and then we are ready to get out and experience more of the culture we are there to see!

Vancouver - Food - prime rib

Go to the Spa/for a massage

When we travel, we are like machines; we get out there and see the city with gusto.  We will easily walk 10 km per day repeatedly for days on end (and we move fast).  As you may guess, we have some aching body parts due to our “go, go, go” attitude.  Nothing helps those aching muscles/joints/bones like a day at the spa.  Get yourself a pedicure to treat those aching feet and spruce them up again while you’re at it!  Arrange a massage to work out those tense overworked muscles…there is very little more relaxing than a good massage.  We have indulged in a few treatments over the years and came out feeling very refreshed and ready to get back to touring!

Well there are some of our favourite ways to unwind while on the road.  Perhaps they will help make your next trip more manageable…we certainly hope so!  I am sure you all have your own ways to unwind and we would love to hear about them!

British Columbia - Solterra Desert Spa

What are your favourite ways to unwind while you are traveling/on vacation?


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