5 Reasons to include Glasgow on your next European Adventure


Located in the lowlands of Scotland on the banks of the River Clyde is the historic city of Glasgow.  With a rich history, beautiful buildings, fantastic museums and a University that feels like you are stepping into one of the Harry Potter movies, Glasgow is filled with things do keep you busy exploring the city.

Glasgow University

Glasgow University

Although Glasgow has long been questioned as a tourist destination because of its heavy focus on industry, we thought it was a wonderful tourist destination.  In fact, we enjoyed Glasgow so much that we have come up with 5 reasons we think you should go there. 

  1. The city has a vast history, a vibrant pub scene and friendly people.  The entire country of Scotland has such a rich history over its long existence that is very well retained by its people.  With the people being so friendly and well informed, it easy to find someone to share some of that history with you and it is extremely entertaining to listen to them talk about it!  We ask what’s more to love than sitting down at one of the local pubs filled with local Glaswegians as they reminisce about their day or regal you in one of their stories of the past! 

    Glasgow - Blackfriars Bar

    Hit a Pub and get some entertaining stories from locals!

  2. For many coming from Western North America, it is actually a shorter flight than flying into the more common hub of London, England.  Most planes from the west fly with the jet stream up toward the arctic over Greenland and Scotland before landing in London.  As a result, a flight landing in Scotland will arrive before a flight bound for London.  From Glasgow it is an easy and short trip by train to London if you want that to be your starting point, but we recommend you spend some time in Glasgow.
  3. There are many wonderful things to do and see in Glasgow, as with other cities in the UK, but it will cost less for many things in Glasgow.  We found it much cheaper in Glasgow for hotels compared to London and Edinburgh.  The food and activities were also less expensive when compared to London.  In addition, most museums in Glasgow are free to enter, so it is easy to occupy yourself.  The museums we visited were very well maintained and very interesting, so they are well worth a visit.  We particularly enjoyed the new and modern Riverside Museum of Transportaton with its scenic spot alongside the River Clyde.

    Riverside Museum

    The Riverside Museum

  4. The city is the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to tour the Highlands of Scotland.  Take a few days to enjoy Glasgow city itself, and then catch one of the many 1, 2 or more day tours of the highlands that take in sights like the Isle of Skye, Loch Ness, and Glencoe.

    Scotland - Isle of Skye

    Scottish Highlands

  5. The cuisine in Glasgow is wonderful.  We tried a number of different restaurants while we were there and had many excellent meals.  Our favourites included Ubiquitous Chip, Blackfriars Pub, and  The Dhabba Restaurant.

    Glasgow - Ubiquitous Chip Haggis

    Haggis from Ubiquitous Chip

There are more reasons for you to visit Glasgow, but these are our top 5 reasons.  In our opinion, it may not have been the best tourist destination in the heart of its industrial years, but at this time Glasgow is an excellent destination for tourists.

A special thanks to Caroline Newson-Lennox of CL Communications for all the tips and guidance for our stay in Glasgow.

What is your favorite part of Glasgow?



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  1. Great tips — we’re hoping to make it there during one of our next trips!
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    Debbie September 25, 2012 at 10:35 am Reply
    • Thanks, Debbie! Hope you get to go to Scotland soon, it really is a great country!

      evan&tracy September 29, 2012 at 11:51 am Reply

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