5 Restaurants in Maui We Love!


To anyone who knows us, it is no surprise that we are big fans of the Hawaiian Island, Maui.  We have been 3 times in the last 6 years, and would happily hop on the next flight there, if possible.  In our trips, we have experienced quite a few of the restaurants the island has to offer.  There are many very good restaurants on the island, but these are 5 of our favourites!

1. Mama’s Fish House

One of the truly Hawaiian gems out there, Mama’s Fish House is the ideal place to head for a fine dining Hawaiian experience.  It is a drive from the main tourist areas of Kihei and Ka’anapali in the town of Paia, but it is worth the drive.  It is a great place for seafood, which is mostly caught fresh each day, and drinks while you sit oceanfront watching the waves crash on to Mama’s beach!

Maui, Hawaii - Mama's Fishhouse

Mama’s Beach!

Maui, Hawaii - Mama's Beach

2. Hula Grill

One of our all time favourites, the Hula Grill is located in the heart of Ka’anapali in Whaler’s Village.  We recommend you eat in the barefoot bar, where you can eat a meal with your feet in the sand and a view of the ocean.  The food and drinks are very tasty; it is the perfect spot to have dinner while you watch the sunset.

Maui, Hawaii - Hula Grill

Fantastic Mai Tais!

Maui, Hawaii - Hula Grill Drinks

3. Cool Cat

There are many burger joints on Maui, but Cool Cat is the restaurant recommended to us by locals.  The burgers and fries are wonderful (and there are LOTS of burger choices), and the prices are some of the best in Maui.

Maui, Hawaii - Cool Cat

4. Aloha Mixed Plate

A new discovery for us on our most recent trip, Aloha Mixed Plate is in a great location for a great price.  The restaurant is located on Front Street in Lahaina.  It is directly on the waterfront with flavourful meals for a great price.  We thought it was an excellent place for dinner, especially if you love sunsets!

Maui, Hawaii - Aloha Mixed Plate

Sunset from Aloha Mixed Plate’s Patio

Maui, Hawaii - Aloha Mixed Plate Sunset

5. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co./Hard Rock Café

Okay, this one is cheating a little bit, as neither of these restaurants are solely in Maui (or even Hawaii), but we love these two restaurants wherever we go and Hawaii was the first place we tried them.  Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. is the perfect spot for some tasty fish and chips or (of course) popcorn shrimp and the theme is so entertaining you need to check it out.  In Maui they serve Mahi Mahi in the fish and chips, which is an excellent choice.  Hard Rock Café is a standard pub food style restaurant, but they do it well.  We have thoroughly enjoyed every one we have been to and we have been to quite a few.

Maui, Hawaii - Bubba Gump

There’s the list for you…we hope you get a chance to try them out on your visit!


What restaurants in Maui would you add to this list?


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