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Bora Bora

When we traveled to Bora Bora in French Polynesia, we were excited to experience some of the amazing sights and activities that are popular on this tropical island paradise.  We were looking for excursions that would allow us to truly enjoy and appreciate the unique landscape and animal life that have made Bora Bora famous.  When we were on the island of Moorea, we were given some advice by a local, and he told us to make sure that we did everything aquatic while visiting Bora Bora.  This proved to be invaluable advice as it really is Bora Bora’s inner lagoon that holds all the magic and awe of this volcanic island.  With the majestic Mount Otemanu towering above the main island, the azure inner lagoon and the ring of tiny motus circling the outer edge of the lagoon, Bora Bora is stunningly beautiful in its landscape.  Here is our list of recommended activities/excursions to get the full experience of Bora Bora.

1. Swimming with the Sharks and Sting Rays

Due to the protection of the coral reef surrounding the motus, the inner lagoon is teeming with numerous varieties of sea life in a multitude of colours.  Some of the most exciting sea life being the black tipped reef sharks and the sting rays.  Swimming with these amazing creatures was at the top of Evan’s list of things to do in Bora Bora.  Tracy was a little more apprehensive!  This excursion ended up providing us with some of our most cherished memories from this holiday.  Your guides will attract the sharks and sting rays near to the boat with some food.  Our guide then set up a rope in the water for us to hang on to while we watched these powerful animals swim within arm’s reach of us.  We were able to then swim over the rope and amongst the sharks and sting rays. It was unbelievable!  These creatures seemed just as curious about us as we were about them.  To read more about this incredible experience, click here.

Bora Bora - Shark

2. Snorkeling in the Coral Gardens

Bora Bora’s inner lagoon is home to a cornucopia of tropical fish in every possible colour you can imagine.  The Coral Gardens are a section of the inner lagoon where the coral grows in abundance in all different shapes and sizes.  Due to the enormous variety of coral and the accompanying assortment of tropical fish, snorkeling in the Coral Gardens is not to be missed.  We were able to see so many fish and coral that we had not seen anywhere else while snorkeling around the island.  Our guide was also able to find an octopus while we were snorkeling and show it to us.  Very cool!

Coral Gardens in Bora Bora

3. Jet Ski Tour

One of the most exhilarating ways that we experienced the inner lagoon of Bora Bora was on a Sea-Doo.  There are many different tour companies that organize small group tours where you circle the island.  On our tour, there were only 6 jet skis with 6 couples.  This was a nice and intimate size for the tour.  After getting outfitted with our life jackets, a brief safety talk and instructions on using the jet skis, we hopped on our jet ski and were off.  There is nothing like zipping along over the bluest water you have ever seen with the wind whipping through your hair.  It was definitely a “pinch-me” moment!  Our tour included a short stop at one of our guide’s weekend houses on one of the motus.  Here we were treated to the water fresh out of a coconut, a walk out to the beach on the outer edge of the motu which looked out to the open ocean, and a Bora Bora classic, the coconut sandwich.  We also got to meet our guides pet pig who loves anything coconut and oinked constantly until he got his share.  The pig also joined us in the water as we departed, and proved that pigs may not be able to fly but they can sure swim!!!

Bora Bora - Jet ski tour

4. ATV Tour

The main island of Bora Bora is very hilly.  Therefore, a great way to see the island is on an ATV.  These all-terrain vehicles are easy to use and can hold two people.  This is a great time to snuggle up and grab hold of your loved one as you are amazed by jaw-dropping views of the island and lagoon.  To fully appreciate the multitude of blues that make up the inner lagoon of Bora Bora, you need to get up high on the main island.  The ATV tours will take you inland and up to various viewpoints for some fantastic photo opportunities.  Definitely a great thing to do in Bora Bora!

ATV Tour on Bora Bora

5. Dinner at Bloody Mary’s

Bloody Mary’s restaurant has been a staple on Bora Bora for years.  If you make a reservation ahead of time through your hotel, they will provide transportation to and from their restaurant.  When you enter the restaurant, you will see huge wooden boards of all the famous people to have dined at this restaurant.  The list is quite amazing!  Before being seated, you will be shown the “menu”.  The “menu” here is not in the traditional form.  Instead, they have a bar area where all of their fresh seafood and meat sits on a bed of ice.  Your host will entertain you as they explain the menu options for the night. Once you have made your selection, you will be taken to your table which is on a floor of sand.  The entire restaurant has been built as if you are dining on the edge of the beach with sand at your feet and tropical plants growing all around.  We really enjoyed our meal at Bloody Mary’s!  Don’t forget to take a trip to the restroom while at the restaurant, we won’t spoil the surprise, but it is an interesting experience as well!

Bloody Mary's Restaurant in Bora Bora

Bloody Mary's restaurant menu in Bora Bora










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What are you favourite types of things to do when in a tropical destination?


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  2. Bora Bora seems like the perfect romantic holiday destination, would love to visit some day.
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    Sofia May 2, 2013 at 12:05 am Reply
    • Hi Sofia,

      We would definitely have to say that Bora Bora is one of the most romantic destinations we have ever been to. It is a must visit when you get the chance.


      evan&tracy June 4, 2013 at 9:43 pm Reply
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