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May is Photo Month and, in its honour, Holiday Lettings has recommended 5 places where even a novice photographer can take incredible pictures. From ancient temples to breathtaking skylines, which will get you snapping away?

Architecture – Kailasa Temple, India

India - Kailasa Temple

Photo credit: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra (license) via flickr.com

This may just be the world’s most extraordinary building. At twice the size of the Parthenon, it’s a colossal temple complex with lots of different levels. Look a little closer and you’ll find that it was actually all carved out of a single rock. Just how they did it remains a mystery.

The area offers many other amazing attractions too. For a divine experience, it’s well worth travelling down the road to the beautiful Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga Temple. It’s only a 20-minute drive from the temple to the formidable Daulatabad Fort, where you can admire the views of the valley below. Or cool down and catch terrific live music at the nearby H2O Water Park.

Cityscape – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil - Rio de JaneiroPhoto credit: traveljunction (license) via flickr.com

As you stand on the top of Sugarloaf Mountain, you’ll agree that this is a stunningly photogenic city. Vast stretches of golden sand and azure waters? Yes. Lush peaks? Sure. It’s particularly pretty in the late afternoon when the lights start to twinkle below. And if you face west, you’ll see the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue illuminated too.

When you’re in Rio, you literally can’t miss the Maracana Football Stadium; it’s the biggest in the world. To join in with another local favourite past-time, how about learning a few fun samba steps at one of the local schools? And it would be wrong to leave the city without digging into delicious street food like crispy cod balls and deep-fried pastries.

Wildlife – Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya

Kenya - Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Photo credit: sheilapic76 (license) [edited] via flickr.com

If you fancy taking close-ups of animals in their natural habitat, you should definitely explore the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya. Join one of their expeditions and you’re likely to spot zebras, giraffes and elephants. They also look after endangered black and white rhinos, offering a rare photo opportunity.

Keen birdwatchers will also enjoy looking out for nearly 350 different bird species on the conservancy in the morning. An afternoon hike through the surrounding bush is a terrific way to see the area’s unique plants and flowers. Dinner round a bonfire as Maasai dancers perform traditional moves makes the perfect end to the day.

Landscape – Bora Bora, French Polynesia

French Polynesia - Bora Bora

Photo credit: Arnie Papp (license) via flickr.com

You’ve probably already seen images galore of idyllic Bora Bora, but they don’t prepare you for quite how lovely it really is. When you glimpse the glittering turquoise lagoon, cute on-the-water bungalows and lush landscape, you’ll soon be taking photos galore.

You can dive in and swim with stingrays on the southern tip of the island. If you’re into sports, you’ll enjoy a spot of waterskiing and seeing the island from a different angle. After you’re back on dry land, you can hunt for pearls with the Bora Pearl Company and treat yourself to some of their jewellery.

Natural phenomenon – Stromboli, Italy

Italy - Stromboli

Photo credit: Ghost-in-the-Shell (license) via flickr.com

There are few more dramatic photos than those of Stromboli. This volcano has been erupting for nearly 2,000 years and shows no sign of stopping. Take a boat trip to see the sun set over the smoking silhouette of the volcano. Later, you can gaze up at bright explosions of liquid lava set off by the pitch-black night sky.

While you’re on the island, why not stroll through Stromboli village’s picturesque streets? Alternatively, you can top up your tan on one of the black volcanic beaches that sparkle in the sunshine. For a moment of quiet reflection, seek sanctuary at the eighteenth-century Church of San Vincenzo.

What is your favourite picturesque destination?


Felicity HowlettABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Exploring the world’s most beautiful places is a tough job but somebody has got to do it! Felicity Howlett loved exploring since spending childhood summers in Newport, Rhode Island and Marstrand, a little island off the west coast of Sweden. She then lived in Tuscany for several months, and still love absorbing the local culture wherever she is. She jets off as often as possible and highlights of recent trips include the beautiful beaches of Biarritz plus the chilled atmosphere of Barcelona.


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