5 Wineries in Summerland, BC


The Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada is a great place to check out in the summertime.  There is always plenty of sunshine, warm temperatures, and lots of lakes with beautiful beaches.  There is another reason to be drawn to the area… the Okanagan is becoming world renowned for its wineries!  We have been lucky enough to experience a number of different wineries throughout the Okanagan including in West Kelowna and Oliver.  Most recently our travels brought us to Summerland, BC where we continued to check out a small portion of the myriad of wineries that exist in the Okanagan Valley.  With another couple as our guides, we visited 5 different wineries in Summerland.  They are all part of the trail called Bottleneck Drive, which are 14 wineries that work together to bring you a wonderful wine tour during your travels.

Summergate Estate Winery

We absolutely loved many of Summergate Winery’s wines.  We do have to say that we are partial to white wines and Summergate has a majority of white wines.  They had some rare grapes, like Kerner, and some classics, like Riesling.  Part of what makes Summergate Winery so special is that they grow all of their grapes on the estate and the estate is certified organic.  We’re not going to lie, we walked out of there with more than one bottle 🙂.

Summerland, BC - Summergate Estate Winery

Dirty Laundry Vineyard

The location of Dirty Laundry is reason enough to visit there.  It is propped up on a hilltop with a view out to Giant’s Head Mountain and the valley below.  The winery has a beautiful patio where couples can go to enjoy a meal with a great view, and if you are lucky enough you may see the Kettle Valley Railway chugging by.  In terms of the wines… it is difficult to give a fair answer, as we mentioned earlier we are partial to white wines and dirty laundry specializes in red wines.  A couple we are friends with are big red wine lovers and they are big fans of Dirty Laundry, so we believe it must be good for those who prefer reds.

Summerland, BC - Dirty Laundry Winery

Sleeping Giant Fruit Winery

Yes, you read that correctly Sleeping Giant is a fruit winery.  We were actually a little hesitant to try the fruit wines because the recent ones we have checked out had been a little disappointing.  This was definitely not the case with Sleeping Giant’s wines.  They have a HUGE list of wines for you to try (you are permitted to taste 5 of your choice) and there were many different choices, including apple pie dessert wine, strawberry rhubarb, and some standards like raspberry and pear.  It was a struggle for us to narrow it down to try just 5!  They seemed to have wines that suited every different wine tasters palate, whether you prefer white or red, dry or sweet.  In the end we walked out of there with 3 different wines…and we might have made a return trip to replace one we drank while we were up in the Okanagan ;). There is an added bonus to Sleeping Giant as well…it is located in Summerland Sweets, which is a store that specializes in great fruit condiments, like syrups and jams.  When you drop in for some wine, you can also pick up some other delicious sweets.

Summerland, BC - Sleeping Giant Winery

8th Generation Vineyard

8th Generation is so named because its owner Bernd Schales is an 8th generation winemaker.  His wife is a 10th generation winegrower, so needless to say they know their stuff.  They have come over from Germany and brought the unique brand of wine making with them.  They have a great variety of wines in both red and white varieties, each with its own distinct flavor.  We enjoyed many of the samples we tried and couldn’t walk out without a bottle to bring home! Try to go while they are doing cheese tasting to get a great lesson on wine and cheese pairings.  You can also purchase some cheese from the local producer who does the cheese tastings.

Summerland, BC - 8th Generation Winery

Thornhaven Estates Winery

This is another one of our favourites.  Thornhaven Estate Winery is in a prime location and has some spectacular wines.  There are many different choices of wines, including a Gewürztraminer and the Tortured Grape (a white blend) that we really enjoyed.  An added bonus to this estate is the patio, where they have set up tables and ENCOURAGE guests to bring a picnic.  You can buy a glass of wine and enjoy it on the patio with whatever food suits you…which we definitely took full advantage of.  What a great way for couples to spend some quality time together!

Summerland, BC - Thornhaven Winery

There you have it, our summaries of the 5 wineries in Summerland, BC that we experienced on our recent travels to British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley.  Of course, there are many other wineries in the area that we didn’t get to try, so you could spend quite some time touring around Summerland and visiting all the wineries. If fact we recommend you do! 


What is your favourite wine?  What makes it special and where can you get it?





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