6 Things to do in Maui


We are trying to get you as well prepared for a stellar trip to Maui, including the best restaurants and now…things to do!  When we visit Maui, we like to get out and do many activities.  Since we have been there quite a few times, we have lots of suggestions to keep you occupied on your trip.  However, we have narrowed it down to 6 things we think you should do on your trip to Maui.

1. Take a helicopter tour

It is always an amazing experience to get a bird’s eye view anywhere, but we found it particularly special on this beautiful tropical islands thanks to Blue Hawaiian Helicopter tours.  There is so much to see on a seemingly small island.  For example, the West Maui Mountains with their rugged peaks and deep valleys that cannot be accessed by any other means and the dry valleys below Haleakala crater that receive little rain each year.  Add those to the resort areas of Ka’anapali and Kihei with their powder white beaches and crystal water and you have a spectacular Maui helicopter tour!

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

2. Go ziplining

We have been fortunate enough to be able to zipline twice on Maui with Skyline EcoAdventures on their Haleakala and Ka’anapali courses.  In fact, the Haleakala course was our first ziplining experience and we have been hooked ever since.  Each of these courses is so much fun to zip around and they give you some wonderful views of the island. The Haleakala course tours through the mountainside forests and gives views down the mountain to some small beachside towns and spectacular coastline.  The Ka’anapali ziplining course spans some valleys in the hills above Ka’anapali and Lahaina.  We highly recommend you give this a try on your trip, but make sure to book ahead of time, as it can fill up months in advance!

ziplining tracy

3. Take a sunset catamaran cruise

When you are in Maui, it is our opinion you need to get out on the water.  It is a huge part of the charm of Maui to experience the ocean around it.  We got to enjoy a sunset catamaran cruise on our recent trip to Maui thanks to Paragon Sailing Charters.  The catamaran is a great way to get out on the water, as it is so peaceful out there and it is fun to sit out front on the trampoline while you sail!  You get some great scenery while the sun sets and they even serve some appetizers and drinks for you.  If you travel between December and March, the cruises can include some great whale watching, as hundreds of humpback whales spend their winters in Maui.

Tracy Sunset

4. Go snorkelling

Almost as important as getting out on the water in Maui is getting in the water!  There are so many rare types of sea life in the oceans around Maui, it is truly unfortunate if you don’t get to check it out.  There are plenty of corals, tropical fish, and even some sea turtles or dolphins in the waters that you may come across that you see in so few other places around the world.  Some good snorkeling spots we recommend are black rock on Ka’anapali, Honolua Bay North of Napili, and the beaches along the road between Lahaina and Ma’alaea.  There are a number of different rental places in the towns where you can rent snorkel gear for as long as you need it.


5. Drive the road to Hana

Yes, this is a bit of a scary experience to drive this narrow, windy road, but it is worth it for the scenery.  There are numerous roadside waterfalls, with swimming pools to wade in.  You can also check out the black sands beach, a cool rock structure they call the blowhole and if you continue beyond the town of Hana, you can check out the famous Seven Sacred Pools.  The reason to go is the scenery, but many people always remember the drive!  Just a warning, the maps and locals all say the trip is 2 hours, even though it does not seem to be that great a distance, but they are telling the truth!  Because of the narrowness and winding of the roads, it is a slow drive.

Hawaii 167

6. Visit the Maui Ocean Center

For those who are not comfortable with the idea of getting IN the water to see the tropical sea life in Maui, we have a solution for you.  We recommend checking out the Maui Ocean Center, as it provides you with all those things you would get to see in the waters around the island PLUS more.  Some very hard to find marine animals are right out in the open to see, like shrimp, hammerhead sharks, and sting rays.  Visiting the Maui Ocean Center is a great way to see some sea life without getting wet, unless of course it’s raining ;).


Well we hope these activities intrigue you, as we had such a great time doing each of them.  We hope you have a wonderful trip to Maui!

What are we missing?  What are your favourite things to do in Maui?


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  1. Looks like a very active trip. I would love to visit Maui and will plan on revisiting this post when the plans develop 🙂
    Angela recently posted..A Ski-Free Day in WhistlerMy Profile

    Angela May 6, 2014 at 2:06 pm Reply
    • It was a busy trip but we did make sure to schedule in some relaxing days at the pool and on the beach. Hope you are able to travel to Maui soon, Angela!

      evan&tracy May 9, 2014 at 5:31 pm Reply
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