A Birdseye View over Maui!


We had an excellent experience thanks to Blue Hawaiian Helicopters on our recent trip to Maui!  We were lucky enough to take a circle island tour of Maui on one of Blue Hawaiians nicest helicopters. 

Maui, Hawaii - the Helicopters

We loved their Maui Spectacular tour including the romantic stop on the slopes of Haleakala.  It was so serene being up in the air seeing what the birds get to see and go places you can only get to from the air.  These are some of the spectacular photos we got during our tour. 

We are ready to get in the air!

Maui, Hawaii - Evan Helicopter

Maui, Hawaii - Tracy Helicopter

West Maui Mountains

Maui, Hawaii - West Maui Mountains

Maui, Hawaii - West Maui Mountains 2

Haleakala Crater

Maui, Hawaii - Haleakala Volcano Crater


Maui, Hawaii - Blue Hawaiian Helicopters


Maui, Hawaii - Ka'anapali

North Coast of Maui

Maui, Hawaii - Waterfall

Maui, Hawaii - Airport

Our helicopter experience was fantastic and would like to thank Blue Hawaiian Helicopters for a great time!  We definitely recommend you try to fit a helicopter tour into your next Maui vacation!

Where have you seen the best aerial views? How did you get them?


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