A Day for Remembering our Heroes


In Canada, today is a national holiday we call Remembrance Day, which is a day to honour all those who have served our country throughout history.  This day has special meaning for us, as we have grandparents who were really involved in World War II.  We have definitely tried to gain some appreciation of the effects of war in our travels, in fact, a couple of our trips originated from an interest in seeing some of the most notorious war zones.  We decided that it would be nice to share some of those sights and our thoughts/feelings of being in those places.

Krakow, Poland (including Auschwitz)

We took the opportunity to travel to Poland in 2010 because we felt it was important to be exposed to this tragic aspect of history, so of course this makes its way to the top of our list.  It was an eye-opening day for us when we took a tour of the concentration camps.  It was disturbing to be exposed to the worst of humanity and seeing all the death and destruction.  It was emphasized by the personal belongings of some many lost lives, sitting in piles on display for you to visualize the magnitude of destruction!  It became clear to us why so many would be willing to fight for our freedom, to ensure that this did not continue any longer.

In Krakow we were also able to visit some of the best of wartime humanity, when we visited the factory of Oscar Schindler, who was responsible for saving countless lives by hiding them in his factory.  It showed us that, despite all the awful aspects of war, there are still many who are true heroes.

Krakow, Poland - Auschwitz Concentration Camp Gate

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is steeped in history over many centuries.  It has been knocked down and rebuilt on more than one occasion, which has resulted in modern buildings sitting alongside buildings that are centuries old.   We visited Berlin during the same trip when we visited Poland.  We were taken on a tour and historical presentation around the city to get an idea of some of the important events that took place all throughout the city.  It was so hard for us to comprehend how leaders could take their people into wars for their own personal gain.  We also felt for those German people who were forced to rebuild their lives on many occasions.

Berlin Germany - Classic Church

Culloden, Scotland

Culloden was the sight of one of the bloodiest battles between the Jacobites and the English during the fight for Scottish Independence from English rule.   So many Jacobite soldiers lost their lives on that battlefield that day.  We were fortunate enough to visit this sight in 2012.  We say fortunate because we learned a great deal about people’s strength and ability to fight for their beliefs and we respected them for their convictions.

Culloden, Scotland - Grave Stone

Culloden, Scotland - Mass Grave

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, USA

Pearl Harbor is another site of one of the most tragic events in history.  It was unexpectedly struck on December 7, 1941 by Japanese fighter planes.  The event was so tragic due not only to the number of lives lost, but also because of the surprising nature of the event.  The American army had pretty much kept its distance from World War II up to that point and the ships docked in that port that day were there to protect the USA, not to go on an offensive.  The people of Hawaii had no idea they were about to be dragged into the war in such a horrible way.  It opened our eyes to the fact that war really holds no punches and that it affects everybody.

Oahu, Hawaii, USA - Pearl Harbor

Parts of our travels have taken us to some special places, where we have gained a true appreciation of how important our veterans have been in our countries ability to remain free.  We thank all you who have served your countries!

Please share your feelings for our soldiers in the comments below.


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