A Quick Review of the Black Rock Resort


Ucluelet, BC - Black Rock Resort View

Our tour of Vancouver Island continued in Ucluelet, on the far west coast of Canada. Here, we got to experience looking out over the vast Pacific Ocean with nothing to block our view! We stayed at the Black Rock Resort during our stay. We did not have a lot of time to stay there (unfortunately), so we cannot speak on a great deal about the resort, but we thought we would share what we did find out during our stay. 


It would be difficult for the resort to be located in a better location on Vancouver Island. It is right on the water’s edge where you can just gaze out over the Pacific Ocean and relax the day away. It is a very short drive to Ucluelet, however, we will warn those city lovers that it is a small town and this is a true getaway. That was great for us; just what we wanted, but others might not be so keen on small towns. 

The Room

We can’t really say anything other than it was spectacular!! We stayed in a one-bedroom oceanview trail suite and it was one of the best rooms we have ever stayed in. The obvious benefit was having the oceanview room (although it did not have a view of the sunset due to a hill nearby), as we were able to sit on the patio and enjoy the sounds of the ocean. However, the room was also very spacious and had a modern design. It contained a large kitchen, which we enjoyed using for a relaxing breakfast (what better place to have breakfast than oceanfront!). There was a separate living space and a bedroom, both with large windows with views over the ocean. The bathroom was wonderful as well, including a large soaker tub and a rain shower. We would have liked to take more advantage of those amenities. 

Ucluelet, BC - Black Rock Resort Room

Ucluelet, BC - Black Rock Resort Bathroom

The Restaurant

We decided to eat at the on site restaurant, Fetch. We thought it was worth the price especially when you take into account the experience. The restaurant is located right on the edge of the ocean with an amazing patio on which to enjoy your meal. Inside the restaurant the outer walls are floor to ceiling windows, so you can also enjoy the view. The food was delicious and they were not small portions…all in all it was a good meal!

Ucluelet, BC - Black Rock Resort Restaurant

The Resort

The Resort is very focused around its location. They have designed it to get the maximum out of the view and they have done a wonderful job of making that happen. Therefore, they have not focused on providing a great deal of extras to the resort. There is a small pool to lounge by that has a view over the water. There is a large beach area down the trail from the resort where you can go and lounge. A warning, though, that the beach is covered in rocks near the water and contains a lot of seaweed. It was not our favourite beach area, but it was fun to look amongst the tide pools in the rocks for all kinds of animals. To be completely honest, the rooms were so amazing there is no need to leave…just spend the day lounging on your deck and enjoy the view! 

Ucluelet, BC - Black Rock Resort Lobby


Ucluelet is not an extremely large town, so there is not a great deal of things to do. However, that does not mean it is without interest. In the time we had, we checked out one of the many trails to hike around…we suggest you check out the Lighthouse loop of the Wild Pacific Trail as it had some amazing views! 

Also, it is a not a long drive to the amazing long beach near Tofino. It is definitely a good place to spend a day or two. We did not have time to check anything else out, so we cannot give many other suggestions.

Ucluelet, BC - Long Beach Vancouver Island

The Downside

We say it every time we speak about a resort…there is always something that we don’t like about a place. Often it is very small and we still have many nice things to say about the place, but we need to be honest with you as well. To be completely honest, we cannot say many bad things about this resort…we just loved so much about it. The only problems we felt were that the beach that you access from the resort (it is not the resorts beach), is not the best with the amount of rocks and seaweed that are at the edge of the water. The only other thing we would say is even a slight problem is that the pool and deck area were pretty small. There was not a lot of space for you to sit and lounge and the pool would be pretty crowded if many people staying at the resort tried to enjoy it at the same time. That being said, the pool area did not seem to be busy at any time we saw it.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Black Rock Resort and we were very sad we did not have more time to spend there. It is the perfect spot to check out if you are looking for a place right on the west coast. If you are thinking of making your way to Vancouver Island, we certainly think you should consider this resort!

What makes for the perfect resort for you?


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