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Hilton Bora Bora

Our trip to Bora Bora was a dream come true!  This island paradise is so beautiful; it almost does not seem real.  From the towering peak of Mount Otemanu to the blue azure lagoon surrounded by the prettiest little motus, every way you look is another stunning landscape.  There are a handful of resorts in Bora Bora and deciding on where to stay in this amazing landscape can be a difficult decision.  We have written a separate post with advice on where to stay in Bora Bora, however this post will a review of our experience at the Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa.

The Location

It doesn’t really matter where you stay in Bora Bora, as every inch of this island is stunning, however, there are some distinct differences between the resorts’ locations.  The geography of the Bora consists of a center island with only a couple of the large resorts located here, surrounded by a lagoon and finally an outer ring of tiny islets, called motus, where most of the large resorts are located. 

Aerial - Bora Bora

Mount Otemanu and the motus. You can see the strings of overwater bungalows jutting out into the lagoon. These resorts are on the inside, whereas the Hilton is on the outside of the lagoon.

All of the resorts, except the Hilton Bora Bora, are located on lagoon side of the motu and therefore face in towards the main island and Mount Otemanu.  The Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa is the only resort that is situated on the ocean side of the motu, meaning the resort faces out to the open ocean (although there are a few overwater bungalows that do somewhat face Mount Otemanu).  For us, this was a bit of a disappointment as we had dreamed of waking up in our overwater bungalow to that jaw dropping view of the lagoon with Mount Otemanu in the background.  Instead, we had a beautiful unobstructed view of the never-ending ocean, which many adore; we would have just preferred the former.

Hilton Bora Bora

Hilton Bora Bora and open ocean view.

The Room (Overwater Bungalow)

We cannot say enough good things about the rooms at the Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa.  They were simply luxury to the max!  We originally were booked into a King Overwater bungalow but ended up upgrading to a King Deluxe Overwater Bungalow.  The reason we upgraded was to get a better location in the overwater bungalows as the deluxe overwater bungalow was one of the furthest out and therefore had more privacy.  Both bungalows were exactly the same on the inside; the only difference was the location. 

As you entered the bungalow, there was a relaxing sitting area with great views out the HUGE sliding glass door to the lagoon as well as to glass side tables, complete with opening in the floor below to see the sea life swimming below.  These side tables even opened so that you could feed the fish through them. 

Bungalow living room

Bungalow living room

The king canopy bed was the ultimate in luxury and romance and also had those amazing views to the lagoon. 

Four poster canopy bed

Romantic four poster canopy bed.

The bathroom was probably the most amazing of all, as we believe it was as big as our whole bedroom at home.  With his/hers sinks, a large soaker tub, with viewing panel to the lagoon, separate room for the toilet and another room for the shower, you could almost get lost in the bathroom as it was so big! 

Bungalow bathroom

Huge bungalow bathroom!!!

It was definitely easy to spend almost all of our time in our bungalow or on the large balcony.  The balcony had a table and two chairs, a glass viewing panel, as well as two loungers, perfect for soaking up the warm south pacific sun.  When you needed cooling off, you could just walk down the stairs to the lower balcony and jump into the water (or use the ladder).  They even included a fresh water shower on this deck to rinse off after your plunge in the warm ocean waters. 

The grounds

The grounds of the Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa were expansive.  With 800 metres of white sandy beach, we found the beach to be empty most of the time, as most guests spent their days in and around their bungalows. 

Hilton Bora Bora Beach

Only one small section of the expansive beach!

The grounds were very well kept and we often walked along the lush tropical paths when we needed to stretch our legs.  We enjoyed the walks to the restaurants, however, the resort does offer golf cart service if you find the walk too far.  We highly recommend taking a stroll up the hill to the chapel, spa and gym.  The views from the top of this knoll are breathtaking and there is even a spot that has been dubbed “the million dollar view”. 

Hilton Bora Bora

Million Dollar View!

The restaurants are all clustered near the center of the resort and the overwater lobby.  The infinity pool is also located in this area, which creates sort of the hub of the resort.  In doing this, the resort is very quiet in and around the bungalows, which tend to be located on the perimeter of the resort grounds.

Hilton Bora Bora Infinity pool

Hilton Bora Bora Infinity pool.

The restaurants

During our stay, at the Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa, we had breakfast included as well as our dinners at the resort.  As things can be VERY expensive in Bora Bora, this was the most cost effective way for us to purchase our meals.  We have also written a post on ways to save money in French Polynesia that is worth a read if you are thinking of visiting this island nation. 

The breakfast buffet was huge with an assortment of pastries, fresh fruit, etc.  There was also an omelet station and a small menu from which you could order hot breakfast items such as French toast, pancakes, etc.

Hilton Bora Bora view from breakfast

Hilton Bora Bora view from breakfast restaurant.

Dinner was a bit hit and miss for us at the resort.  By including it in our package rate, we were allowed one appetizer, one entrée and one dessert each.  This was more than enough food for us to leave the restaurant full and satisfied.  We ate at all three restaurants and enjoyed our meals at the Tamure Grill (beachfront restaurant where you dine with your feet in the sand) and the Upa Upa Restaurant and Bar.  We ate only once at the Iriatai Restaurant as we found the food to be lacking in flavor, however, this could have been the specific dishes we ordered.  Although many of our meals were good, we would not say that they were the best we had ever had.  Due to its remote location, many products are imported great distances to French Polynesia and therefore may not be the freshest when cooked.  We noticed this at our resorts and local restaurants in French Polynesia as well.  Our best meals were when we ordered some of the local fish.

The service

We found the service good during our stay; however, there were times when our requests were attended to a bit slowly.  The workers do seem to be on “island time” and so if you are used to the typical North American fast pace, you will need to adjust your perspective when you touch down on Bora Bora.  However, when we did talk to the manager about some concerns we had, they were great in their response and very accommodating.  In our opinion, this is all you can ask for, as they were attentive to correcting and rectifying our issues.

 Overall, we LOVED our stay at the Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa.  The rooms were amazing, the location was good and we felt like we were in paradise every day.

 Do you have any questions about the Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa?  Let us know if the comments and we will respond 🙂 


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