A Review of the Azul Sensatori in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico


We were fortunate enough to travel to the Sensatori Azul in Puerto Morales, Mexico (near Playa del Carmen in the Mayan Riviera) for the wedding of our close friends.  These are some of the key aspects of the resort that we can share with you.  The resort is beautiful; the grounds are spread out along the beach (not back from it).  There are many spots in the resort to get great views out over the water, including a number of hotel rooms.  It is a fairly small resort, so things did not seem to be over-crowded and you can easily walk from one side of the resort to the other.  There are three main pool areas, the winding main pool, the activity area (also the main area where the kids play) and the adult pool.  There is another pool strictly for the guests who are staying in the premium section of the resort (more on this option later).  The Caribbean Sea water is a beautiful blue colour. It is a beautiful white sand beach, but we have to warn you that the beach is often covered in seaweed that gets washed up on shore.  They do their best to clean up the beach, but it is still along the beach near the water.  In addition, due to the seaweed it is not the best beach for swimming in the ocean. 

Sensatori Azul - Mexico

The Resort



There many activities that are arranged by the entertainment crew at the Sensatori Azul.  They came in a variety of forms including, yoga, pilates, pool volleyball, aquasize and many more.  However, our number one recommendation is to enjoy the beds located on the beach or by the pool.  Spend some time and just relax while looking out at the Caribbean Sea.

Beach Beds - Sensatori Azul - Mexico



There are 4 a la carte restaurants (Mexican, Caribbean, Italian and Tapas) and one buffet at the resort.  The buffet (Spoon) served food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and you could go there for food at any time of the day.  The food was quite good, especially for breakfast. 

The Mexican (Zocalo) restaurant is open for three meals a day as well.  Their food is good, and we recommend you definitely go there for dinner.  The Tapas (Tapaz) restaurant is open for dinner and is a great choice if you love to sample many different types of foods at one sitting.  The meals were delicious! 

Tapaz Dessert - Sensatori Azul - Mexico

The dessert at Tapaz!

The Caribbean Restaurant (Zavaz) was open for lunch and dinner.  At lunch it was a burger bar that served burgers of all different kinds.  This was by far our favorite meals at the resort.  Every one of the burgers we tried was amazing and there was a salad bar with many different options.  The Caribbean restaurant was also good for dinner, serving a selection of Caribbean-style meals, but it was spectacular for lunch. 

Zavaz Restaurant - Sensatori Azul - Mexico

Zavaz Restaurant

Unfortunately, we did not get a chance to try the Italian Restaurant (Siena) with the many other meals we had planned, but we have heard it was very good.  The last restaurant (Le Chique) was a specialty restaurant known for its upscale dining and gastronomy.  They present an eight course meal that is known as much for its presentation as it is for the flavours.  This restaurant requires a reservation and it may involve an extra charge.  We did not have an opportunity to try Le Chique, but others said it was an enjoyable experience. 

One of the best selections for breakfast or a snack is ordering room service.  They have a menu that you can search through on the TV and you can call up and order whatever you want.  We recommend the waffles for breakfast and nachos for lunch.  The service is great and it is awesome to set up a time for breakfast the night before and have it arrive at the door as you wake up in the morning.

Overall, our impression of the food was that it was pretty good.  We were a little bit spoiled in our previous all-inclusive resort experience, so we may have too high expectations for food.  However, we felt like, although everything was good, it could have been better.  One thing we loved about the a la carte restaurants was that you could go to any of them as many times as you wanted to during your stay and you did not need a reservation.  We highly recommend getting out of the resort and going to a restaurant in Playa del Carmen.  The restaurant we went to had delicious food!



This is definitely the highlight of the resort!  Each room contained a rain-shower, and a Jacuzzi bath tub for two.  The bathtub is in the main room, so you can relax in the tub and still get a nice view out your window!  Many rooms contain a four poster bed with beautiful decorations.  Some rooms are called “Luxury Jacuzzi Swim-up Suites” because right outside your door is the lazy river pool that you can jump right in from your balcony.  We would highly recommend these rooms.  They are some of the fanciest rooms we have seen!

Jacuzzi Tub - Sensatori Azul - Mexico

Jacuzzi Tub in Room


Swim up Rooms - Sensatori Azul - Mexico

Swim up Rooms



There are so many options to choose from including, snorkeling trips, Mayan ruin tours, trips to an aquarium and adventure parks, and heading into Playa del Carmen for some shopping.  We went on a trip to the Mayan Ruins of Coba, which also included a trip to a modern Mayan village and a wonderful cenote (underground fresh water pool).  The whole trip was very well organized and enjoyable.  We learned a lot about the Mayan culture in the village and were blown away by the ruins (especially the view from the top of the pyramid).  The cenote was the perfect spot for a refreshing dip after touring around in the warm weather outside.  We would recommend this tour to anyone, as it was very enjoyable.  We also took a trip into Playa del Carmen, where we shopped around the main street and ate dinner at an excellent restaurant.  It is a good place to head from the resort, as you can get some good deals on souvenirs and have a bite to eat!  We did not do many of the other options, but we have heard from other people that there are some great options out there (like snorkeling/diving and a trip to Chechen Itza).

Mayan Village - Sensatori Azul - Mexico

Mayan Village (making traditional tortillas)

Cenote  - Sensatori Azul - Mexico



There is a special section to the resort called the Premium section.  This is the place you want to be.  Guests who are in this building have their own pool, concierge, pool attendants, waiters, and get special room amenities (scented soaps, pillows, etc.).  These guests can also get specials for some restaurants, mainly Le Chique.

This is an ideal location for a wedding.  When doing a destination wedding, you are never sure exactly what you are getting, so our friends were taking a little bit of a risk in planning their wedding at the Sensatori Azul, however, they were not disappointed at all.  The location of the ceremony, right on the beach is a wonderful location to exchange vows and the set up provided for the reception is perfect.

Wedding Location - Sensatori Azul - Mexico

Go to see the Mayan Ruins.  There is more than one location of ruins in the area (we visited Coba), but it is amazing to see the ruins of such an ancient civilization.  The most famous tourist destination is Chechen Itza, which, from all accounts we have from people who have been there, is quite the spectacle.  It is good to see some of Mexico off the resort and these ruins are unlike anything you will see around the world!

The Pyramid of Coba  - Sensatori Azul - Mexico


Get off the resort for a meal or two.  The food in Playa del Carmen is superb!  You need to make an effort to get off of the resort to try some of the more traditional Mexican foods.

Playa del Carmen Restaurant - Sensatori Azul - Mexico


Ask the bartenders/waiters for their suggestions on a drink.  They will often ask you what type of flavours you like, and then head off to make you a nice drink.  Everything they brought back to us was perfect!  We had many drinks everyday just because they tasted so good.

Treat the staff well.  Every worker in the resort was so nice to us.  They always passed you with a smile and a friendly “hola” and were always so helpful whenever you had a question.  The service at the restaurants and bars was great and again they were all so friendly.  We felt so good about how we were treated by the staff, that we were so happy to provide them with a small reward for their work.  It probably didn’t hurt our service after our tips, but we were getting great service well before we gave anything to the staff!

Well that is our highlights (and minimal lowlights) of the Sensatori Azul.  We had a great time at the resort and would return in a heartbeat!  We hope you enjoy your stay there as well!!


What did you think about the Sensatori Azul?  What is your favourite resort in the Mayan Riviera?


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