A Review of the Spirit Ridge Resort & Spa in Osoyoos, BC


The beautiful Spirit Ridge Resort & Spa was a recent stop on our journeys.  We traveled to the resort from Vancouver and the drive is not long (it took us 4 hours) and it is through one of BC’s more scenic highways, the Crowsnest Highway or Highway 3.  We really enjoyed our road trip and were immediately impressed when we first got sight of Osoyoos (and we hadn’t even reached the resort yet!).  It is a quaint town right on the banks of Lake Osoyoos.  Spirit Ridge Resort & Spa is on the Eastern side of the lake, perfectly perched on the hillside looking down over the Lake below.

Osoyoos - Spirit Ridge Resort & Spa

As we arrived at the resort, we liked the design because it had buildings on two sides of the main entryway, two buildings on the mountainside and four buildings on the lakeside.  We wanted to give you our thoughts on the main aspects of the resort. 

The Buildings

As mentioned above, the buildings are set up really well with some looking down over the lake and others seeing the beautiful mountains above.  The main building (where check in is located) is very nice and it contains the Solterra Desert Spa and Talons Restaurant, both of which we thoroughly enjoyed. 

Osoyoos - Spirit Ridge Resort & Spa Solterra Desert Spa

Osoyoos - Spirit Ridge Resort & Spa Talons Restaurant

All of the buildings are decorated with some amazing native artwork that was created by artists from the Okanagan Valley.  There is also a convention building that is perfect for large business groups and weddings.  The building also contains a market (which was more like a café with a market inside) that sells some essentials as well as selling some good simple lunch foods (we really liked the Chicken Caesar Wrap).

Osoyoos - Spirit Ridge Resort & Spa Market

The buildings with rooms are split into mountainview and lakeview are all very nice designs and the rooms are all in good shape (as much as we could see). 

Three of the buildings have spectacular rooftop sitting areas where you can go relax.  We particularly liked the ones on the Lavender and Sage buildings (mountainview buildings), as they gave good views of BOTH the lake and the mountains!

Osoyoos - Spirit Ridge Resort & Spa Rooftop sitting area

Osoyoos - Spirit Ridge Resort & Spa Rooftop View

The Rooms

Spirit Ridge is a resort where people can buy rooms for themselves or purchase quarter share in a room or can rent a room that is owned by somebody through the resort.  We thought the major upside to having owned condos is the rooms are all 1, 2, or 3-bedrooms and they come with full kitchens.  Although there are plenty of good food options in town, it is nice to be able to cook some of your own meals, especially if you want to spend a relaxing day at the resort.  Our room was nicely furnished and the main area is a great open space with a kitchen, a dining area and a sitting area (with a fireplace for a nice romantic evening).  Off the main room there is a balcony that is perfect for spending some time on and includes an electric barbecue if you enjoy grilling up a meal!  If you get a room on the back of the mountainside building, you have a view over a 9-hole golf course connected to the resort (more on the amenities later) and the wonderful mountains.  We thought having a separate bedroom with a king size bed was a definite bonus.  Our bathroom was huge and contained a soaker tub and a separate shower stall (a good feature in our opinion).  The rooms include a washer/dryer unit, and a dishwasher, which comes in handy, especially for longer stays.

Osoyoos - Spirit Ridge Resort & Spa Rooms

The Amenities

We did not feel the resort itself lacked for activities and there is plenty to do in the Osoyoos area as well.  The resort has two separate pools, the Vineyard pool, down by the main building and one in the middle of the resort beside the convention center.  The lower one was designated the “quiet” pool and gave a view down over the vineyards and to the lake below.  It was a tranquil setting to spend a day recharging.  The other pool was larger and not “noisy” at all in our opinion, but it had more children and included a slide for them to play on.  It is between two sets of buildings so it loses the sun earlier in the day than the Vineyard pool, but you will still get plenty of sun if you want it.  We found the pool to be the perfect temperature for the time of year (warm, but still cools you down from the sun) and there was a hot tub for even more relaxing.  We had no trouble finding loungers when we headed down and the pools did not seem over crowded even though it was a very busy weekend, which is a big plus in our books!

Courtyard Pool

Osoyoos - Spirit Ridge Resort & Spa Main Pool

Vineyard Pool

Osoyoos - Spirit Ridge Resort & Spa Vineyard Pool

Directly above the resort is an executive 9-hole golf course for those avid golfers.  You did not have to worry about skill level (we saw people from beginner on up while we watched).  We did not try the course, so cannot comment too much on its attributes, but it looked very nice and was kept up well.  One word of warning for the course, though, is it was built on the mountainside above the resort so it is quite hilly.  There are a couple of holes where you have to do a fair climb (golf carts are available for you to rent).

Osoyoos - Spirit Ridge Resort & Spa Golf Course

Spirit Ridge Resort & Spa was built on the land of the NK’Mip tribe who also run the largest First Nations run vineyard in North America.  On site there is a wine tasting room for NK’Mip Cellars wine and we suggest you try it out.  They have a wide variety of choices of wine; we particularly enjoyed the rose wine.  The building also contains a small restaurant/café that offers a selection of small lunch time foods to enjoy on a nice patio with a glass of wine.

The NK’Mip Desert Cultural Center is right next to the resort and it is an interpretive center with all kinds of interactive activities, artwork and educational stations to give a perspective on Canada’s only desert and the history of the Okanagan people.  Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to visit the Cultural Center but we did hear good things about it.

Things to do outside the resort

There is no shortage of things to do in the Osoyoos area.  Of course the number one thing is wine tasting tours.  With numerous choices in the stretch between Osoyoos and Oliver, you will be in no short supply of wineries to visit.  We checked out Burrowing Owl, Stoneboat, Oliver Twist, Silver Sage and La Stella and liked all of them.

Also, they have a helicopter tour that leaves just below the resort that takes you around the valley.  We were not able to check it out, but we saw it head out a couple of times and it looked like it would be a good trip.

Right next to the helicopter landing site, there is a ranch run by the tribe that goes out on 1 or 2- hour riding tours.  Again, we did not have time to fit this into our busy schedule, but heard positive things about it.

The Downside

As we have mentioned in previous posts, nothing is perfect for everyone.  In the case of Spirit Ridge Resort & Spa one of the biggest downsides for some is the fact it is not directly on the water.  The first stage of the resort was an RV Park that was built right on the lakeshore.  We did not mind this at all as we really enjoyed the view and didn’t mind the walk down to the RV Park (although steep) to enjoy the shore/beach. 

Also, there is not a lot of choice for restaurants on site, so if you are planning on spending most of your time at the resort the food choices may become a bit stale.  We do not consider this to be a big deal, as you can bring food into the room to cook up or there seemed to be plenty of choices of restaurants in Osoyoos just a short drive from the resort.

We had a great trip to Osoyoos and truly enjoyed our stay at Spirit Ridge Resort & Spa.  We would highly recommend you check it out yourself if you are on your way to Osoyoos, BC, especially if you like the idea of a full kitchen in your rooms!

We would like to say a special thank you to Spirit Ridge Resort & Spa for hosting us on our trip to Osoyoos, but as always our thoughts and opinions are our own.


What are your thoughts on the Spirit Ridge Resort & Spa?  Do you have any other things to do in Osoyoos?



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