A Review of the St. James Club Morgan Bay


St. Lucia - St. James Club Morgan Bay Sunset

Our recent travels took us to St. Lucia in the Caribbean, where we stayed at the St. James Club Morgan Bay.  We felt very fortunate to make it to St. Lucia, as it had always been high on our list of tropical destinations, but we honestly didn’t think it would be possible because of cost and lengthy flights.  Needless to say we were pretty excited to get the chance to get to the island, and it did not disappoint.  Overall, we really enjoyed our stay.  It seemed like a great place for families or couples to travel.  We have many details to give to you, so you can prepare for your trip to the island of St. Lucia. 

St. Lucia - St. James Club Lobby

The Resort

The grounds of the resort are very nice.  The one thing that struck us immediately was how green and natural the resort seemed.  Our previous experience with Caribbean resorts did not involve near as many trees and greenery, this is a common theme we felt about the whole island of St. Lucia…it is much more lush than other Caribbean islands.  It was a pleasant surprise for us, as we love the combination of beach and greenery together and found the large number of trees great!  The layout of the resort has some great aspects and others that people may find disappointing.  The main pool, main bar, beach, most restaurants and show stage are all very close together.  What may bother some is that most of the rooms are up a hill from the main area.  This is not a long distance (5 minute walk), but it is steep.  There are carts available to transfer you up, if you struggle walking, and you can ask for them at reception. 

St. Lucia - St. James Club Morgan Bay Grounds

The Beach

We loved the beach at St. James Club!  It is small, so chairs are closer together, but we did not feel like people are right on top of each other.  The beach is that wonderful soft sand that feels so nice under foot and does not get hot.  It is also a very gradual decent into the water, which allows you to go quite a ways out and still be able to touch ground.  This makes the water a bit murky and it is not a good spot for snorkeling, but if you are interested in doing snorkeling there are tours, like Joy’s cruise, that give you an opportunity to do some snorkeling in other areas of the island.  Our favourite part of the beach was the number of trees because it created so much shade on the beach.  This allowed us to enjoy the beach whether we wanted to spend some time in the sun or in the shade.  Loved the beach!

St. Lucia - St. James Club Morgan Bay Beach

St. Lucia - St. James Club Morgan Bay Beach 2

The Pool

There are three different pool areas on the resort, each with its own features.  First, is the main pool, which is right in the center of the resort and is right next to the beach.   It is the location of all the pool activities that take place at the resort, and so it has lots of action.  The pool deck is wide and the pool is winding, so there are lots of places to grab a lounger.  We never had any trouble getting a lounger any time of the day… which is very important to us.  The Main Pool area also has a swim up bar, which is also a quality feature ;).  Second, there is the adult pool, which is located up the hill overlooking the resort near the spa.  We loved its location, as you got spectacular views out to the Caribbean Sea and along the resort beach!  We thoroughly enjoyed lounging out by this pool, especially if you can get the loungers looking right out over the beach.  It also is a quiet space that was never busy and seemed abandoned at times.  It has its own bar with some great concoctions to try, so don’t worry you won’t need to leave for drinks.  Lastly, there is a family pool that is great if you happen to be traveling with young kids.  There are a couple slides and a very shallow portion of the pool for the youngest travelers to have a blast in!  There is a great snack bar up there that we actually ate lunch at a couple of days and really enjoyed.  There is no bad choice; it really comes down to your preference.

 Main Pool

St. Lucia - St. James Club Morgan Bay Main Pool

Adult Pool

St. Lucia - St. James Club Morgan Bay Adult Pool


There are six different options for meals at the St. James Club Morgan Bay.  There is the buffet restaurant, The Palms, which is open for breakfast lunch and dinner and is of course buffet style.  For breakfast there is an omelet station and a fresh smoothie station that was a nice touch…we visited the smoothie station on many occasions.  As with many resorts, the lunch and dinner options changed throughout the week to give some variety.  Bambou Restaurant was a buffet breakfast option that was very similar options to The Palms with a better view, but no smoothie station.  For lunch and dinner, it became a la carte. The Plum Tree Bar and Grille was open for lunch and afternoon snack.  It has a lot of your standard lunch options, like hot dogs, pizza or burgers and some good snack foods, like nachos or ice cream.  Our favorite option at the bar was the roti, an Indian style wrap.  Tree Tops is open for a la carte dinners.  It serves many pizza and pasta options.  We had a nice meal here, but it was something we only felt the need to visit once.  If you are going to Tree Tops, try the pulled pork pizza.  The true gem of the restaurants is Morgan’s Pier, which is also an a la carte restaurant, but it is on a pier built right out over the water.  This makes it an amazing location for a meal and each dish we tried was scrumptious.  The a la carte restaurants changed their lunch and dinner menus over the week, as you might expect, to add variety to your meal options.  The food at all the restaurants was delicious; we were very impressed with the quality of the food.  You are permitted to go to the a la carte restaurants as many times as you wished for dinners, which was very important to us, but you needed to make reservations and could not do so more than two days in advance.  Though that means you have to check in every couple of days to make a reservation, it is a minor inconvenience.  Le Jardin is another restaurant option (for an additional fee), but we never tried it, so we cannot speak on the quality of the restaurant.

The Palms

St. Lucia - St. James Club Morgan Bay Palms Restaurant


St. Lucia - St. James Club Morgan Bay Bambou Restaurant Tree Tops 

St. Lucia - St. James Club Morgan Bay Tree Tops Restaurant

Morgan Pier

St. Lucia - St. James Club Morgan Bay Morgan Pier Restaurant


We were in a one-bedroom suite in the newer section of the resort near the adult pool and spa.  The room was very nice with a standard Caribbean style, including tiled floors and lots of space.  There was also a large soaker tub and a great patio to relax on.  It was a great design.  The only thing we would say is that it was a bit dated.  The resort is a bit older now and some aspects were in a bit of disrepair, broken knobs or loose items.  It did not affect our vacation, but it was noticeable. 

St. Lucia - St. James Club Morgan Bay Rooms


They were super friendly!  All of them were nice and gave a “hi” and a smile when you came by.  There were some frustrations in getting a couple of things we had asked for, but any of our issues were always rectified.  The activities staff and watersports crew seemed particularly cheerful and friendly.

The Downside

As we have always said, there is always a downside to everything.  Sometimes it may really affect your trip and other times, like this experience, the negatives are so small it is barely noticeable.  The only negatives we would say about this resort are, as mentioned above it could use some freshening up to fix small problems, and there are some insects that pack quite the bite.  The bug problem is kind of out of their control, but they were spraying to try and manage the situation.

Overall, we love the resort and would not hesitate to return or recommend this resort to our friends.  If you end up at the St. James Club Morgan Bay, we hope you enjoy it as much we did!

Thinking of staying at the St. James Club Morgan Bay?  Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions and we will be happy to respond.


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