Eight Of Our Favorite Experiences In South Africa

Sleeping In A Dream Tree House

The only way to describe sleeping in this “Dream” Tree House at Pezulu Tree House Game Lodge is just that; it felt like a dream. We only had time to spend one night there, but it was among one of the best highlights of our time in South Africa. We had the whole Dream Tree House to ourselves and it felt luxurious. A watering hole could be seen out front of the Tree House and we saw many animals cross over the land to go get a drink. The coolest part of the Tree House experience was having three giraffes hanging around the Tree House. In the evening, through the night and early in the morning we would wake to find the giraffes feeding off the trees surrounding us. It was surreal.

South Africa - Treehouse

Crazy Recorder Player

During our tour of Soweto (Johannesburg), we  visited a plaza that is an open market and a space for freedom. Inside a brick monument are 10 Commandments that are like a Bill of Rights, expressing the country’s objectives for its people and how it will achieve equal rights.

A random guy was there telling all there was to know and he finished off his speech by playing his recorder through his nose. We didn’t know if we were supposed to laugh, or what we should do. It was nothing short of cool — his nose had a lot of power to keep the song going as if he was blowing air out of his mouth. It was crazy to see and a light ending to a depressing history.

South Africa - Nose Recorder Player

Musician who later played recorder with his nose!

Eating Sheep Intestines

We went to Wandy’s Place for lunch in Soweto, Johannesburg; a popular buffet location for locals. On the way over our tour guide was telling us of typical food they eat, including sheep intestines. He was completely serious about how delicious they were. To us, that sounded gross but I quietly thought to myself that I had to try it if given the opportunity, while Darcy had the most disgusted look on his face. I was dishing out my food and saw a pot of something that looked nasty. I was giving myself a sampler of everything regardless of my first thought when I saw it; I figured it had to be something the tour guide had mentioned. I took a bite and did my best to hide my disgust at the taste and told Darcy it was really good as he had not grabbed any and had him try some. After Darcy took a bite the tour guide noticed and asked us how we liked sheep intestines. We thought we should be polite, so said that it was pretty good and he was so happy. The cool part about the restaurant was that every visitor is allowed to write on the wall. The whole inside of the restaurant is absolutely covered with people leaving messages about where they are from and some even posting their local currency on the wall along with the message. We left our mark, along with a $5 Canadian bill.

South Africa - Sheep Intestines

Mmm…sheep intestine!?!

Riding an Ostrich

We have always thought of an Ostrich as a delicate animal. It does have a weight limit (150lbs) so not everyone can take a ride, but Debbie definitely could. The birds are quite strong and while you still have to hold on for dear life, it is a great, fun way to spend 10 seconds of your life — just hold on tight!

South Africa - Ostrich Ride
Driving the Open Road

We drove the Garden route from Johannesburg to Cape Town. We were a little strapped for time so we did fly over the Drakensburg Mountains, which was a little sad, but time-wise it made a lot of sense. It was great driving from one end to the other and extremely interesting at the same time. The scenery is fabulous the entire way, but it was incredible how fast people’s ability to survive would visibly change. One moment you would be passing what would be “rich” houses and the next you would be passing through a shanty town where people didn’t have more than four metal walls and a metal roof over their heads; a small shack. It was hard to see the distances people had to walk to get food or how far kids had to walk every day to and from school. Sure, the roads along the Garden Route are all paved and are in pretty decent shape, but that doesn’t mean anyone can afford a car. Look around and you will find either taxi’s or a tourist driving around.

South Africa - Driving Views

Cage Diving with Crocs

We definitely had to try this. We wouldn’t call it overly scary, but it was a bit of an adrenaline rush when the crocs were thrown some food and you saw their jaw snap right in front of you. It was also eerie how the crocodile would follow your every move around the cage. If your eyes moved along the inside of the cage, the crocodile would follow your eyes.

South Africa - Crocodile mouth
Walking A Cheetah

One of our animal highlights was definitely walking cheetahs. It is truly a intimate encounter; a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to look at life through the eyes of an endangered creature. We found walking the cheetahs to be more exciting and enjoyable than walking Lions. You had more of an ability to interact with the cheetahs, pet them and take photos. It was much more interactive than you are able to be with lions. It was amazing to hear its vocabulary of rumbling purrs and sharp bark-meow cries, and watch, as this amazing animal acts on its natural instincts. With that said, if the Cheetah runs, let go of the leash!

South Africa - Cheetah Walking

Cheetah Walking

Robberg Nature Reserve

One of the locals of Plettenburg Bay suggested this hike to us. He was beyond right — this hike had some of the best scenery we saw though our entire trip of South Africa. The Robberg Hiking Trail is probably one of the most popular and well known trails in the Plettenburg Bay, South Africa area and is stunningly scenic. The trail follows along the Robberg peninsula with two shorter variations available, ranging from an easy to moderate hike.  It is very important that while hiking you take care not to go too close to the edge of the cliff. As you hike up, at times you feel like you are walking on the very edge and it can be a little nerve-racking.

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