Asking…an invaluable art form!

Napa Valley - Just Ask Hot Air Balloons

Well we recently passed our two year travel blogging anniversary and, although we may not be household names in the travel world, we are very pleased with the growth of our website.  In honour of our anniversary we decided to share with you our number 1 travel and travel blogging tip…DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK!  Yep, it’s that simple, yet it seems so hard.

For our entire lives, we have been the type of people that would ask others when we did not know the answer ourselves.  It was only natural that this attitude transferred to our travels.  We thought nothing of stopping to ask a local for directions, or attempting to get something we wanted from a store or vendor.  We were not concerned with language barriers or looking silly for asking, and it made traveling really enjoyable for us (no frustration of not knowing).  We thought nothing of it until we joined travel tours and started touring cities with other travellers.  It was then we realized that we were not like everyone else.  We were the ones that led the groups around the cities to the major sites, partly because we are pretty good at reading maps, but mostly because we weren’t afraid to ask someone how to get around.  It opened our eyes to the fact that our comfort of just asking away was different from others and it has helped us enjoy our travels a great deal.  Therefore, we have to tell you that to get the best out of your travels…when you have a question ask someone…nicely of course!  The worst that is going to happen is they say no or they can’t help you.

The art of asking has come in handy in our travel blogging as well.  We again took the attitude, “What is the harm in asking?” and have had some pleasant results.  When we first began our travel blog, we sent out some messages to other well-established travel bloggers to find out if they would be willing to help us out.  We were ecstatic to have Dave and Deb from the Planet D, Cam and Nicole from Traveling Canucks and Charles and Micki from the Barefoot Nomad reply that they were happy to help us get started by answering any questions we had along the way.  Their advice was invaluable for a successful start up for our website. 

As our website has grown, we have used the art of the ask to connect with some great companies that we have been lucky enough to work with during our travels.  We had a simple plan…there are all these places and activities we would love to experience, so let’s ask them if they want to work with us.  The worst that would happen is that they do not reply, which we had our fair share of in the past.  However, some of the companies did get back to us and we have had some amazing adventures because of it, such as glamping and feeding giraffes at Safari West in Santa Rosa, California.

Santa Rosa, California - Feeding Giraffes

A helicopter tour in Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii - Helicopter Tour

A hot air balloon ride in Napa, California

Napa Valley, California - Hot Air Balloon Ride

Ziplining in Whistler, Canada and Maui, Hawaii 

Maui, Hawaii - Ziplining

Catamaran sailing in Maui, and

Maui, Hawaii - Catamaran Cruise

 Taking the Napa Valley Wine Train in California. 

Napa, California - Napa Valley Wine Train


We have loved working with all these companies and none of it would have been possible without asking!

There you have it…we have given you a very simple task for you on your next vacation.  Whenever you have a question, find someone and ask…you may be pleasantly surprised with the results!

What is your best story of asking working for you?


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