Drinking Around the World…My Top 5 Countries for Beer


As I travel around, I am almost always as excited about the flavourful things I will be trying as the sights.  It is difficult to compare the different foods around the world, as they are often quite different from each other and all very tasty in their own way.  I wanted to find something I would be able to compare and naturally I thought of…beer! 

Evan - Beer Drinking

So here are the top 5 countries where I have had beer, in reverse order:

5. French Polynesia – Maybe a surprise on this list, but they have a couple of fantastic beers.  The most popular and advertised are Hinano and Tabu Tiki.  Both were quite good.  They seemed to be modelled after a more European style beer and were nice and smooth.  Most importantly, they went well with meals.  I find that some beers can change flavour with a meal much like some wines.  These two beers did not, and that is always a plus.

French Polynesia - Beer

4. Canada – You can consider this choice to be a bit biased, considering it is my homeland, however, it is one of my favourite places for a beer.  Though there are common brands, like Molson Canadian and Kokanee, which are fine, I chose Canada for the lesser known beers.   The major brand in Canada that is my favourite is Alexander Keiths.  Brewed in Nova Scotia, Alexander Keiths produces a great India Pale Ale and a nice Blond Ale.  However, where Canada really shines is with its microbreweries.  There are many beers in Vancouver that are produced by microbreweries, such as Granville Island Brewing Co. and Okanagan Springs Brewery.  My favourite by both of these companies is their Pale Ale.  If you are on the west coast of Canada, you must try a microbrewery beer.

3. Czech Republic – This may be a bit of a surprise on the list, but I really enjoyed the beer I tried in the Czech Republic.  They have two popular brands, the Pilsner Urquell and Budvar (the original Budweiser), and I would recommend both of them.  The beer was all very smooth and was nice and light.

Czech Republic - Beer

2. Germany – I am pretty sure nobody is surprised to see Germany on the list.  They are known worldwide for the love of fermented hops and they produce some terrific brands.  I love that you can go to Germany and order a beer anywhere and not worry about what you order because you know it will be good.  Therefore, I do not have specific brands to offer.  I say try them all!!  I have not found one at this point that I didn’t like.  For a nice twist, try two German mix drinks, a radler (combining beer with sprite or 7up) or a diesel (combining beer with cola).  I know they sound strange, but I thought they were very good!

Germany - Beer

And my favourite country for beer is:

1. Belgium – Maybe a surprise for some at the top of the list, but anyone who has been to Belgium knows why they are first.  The most famous brand of beer from Belgium is Stella Artois, and if you have tried this around the world, it is a bit clearer why Belgium is on the top of the list.  However, I would say the Stella Artois I have tried in Canada is not as good as the beers in Belgium.  The beer in the country, like German and Czech Republic, is very smooth and light and there is no bitter after taste.  The number one reason that Belgium claims top spot in my list is the fruit beer.  These are delicious!!!  The fruit beers come in many different flavours, including cherry, raspberry and peach.  I cannot properly describe how good these beers tasted.  All I can say to anyone is go to Belgium and try them.

Belgium - Beer

Honourable Mention:  England – I know there may be many in England that are very upset to not see their homeland on the top 5 list, but unfortunately my bar time in England was very short (my own fault, how dumb not to go EVERY night).  As a result my experience with English beer is limited and even when we did try to order at one particular bar, they said all they had on tap was imports (I don’t get it either).  Maybe I will get a better idea of United Kingdom beer on my trip to Scotland!

I look forward to more travels in the future where I get to try many more beers and possibly update this list!

What are your favourite beers?  What countries do they come from?



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3 Responses to Drinking Around the World…My Top 5 Countries for Beer

  1. One of my favourite things about travel is trying the local beers! Great to see the Czech Republic on here because it would make my list, too – and Belgium would top it!
    Simon recently posted..Highlights of a Croatian sailing tripMy Profile

    Simon August 27, 2012 at 2:38 am Reply
    • Thanks for the comment Simon! It is nice to hear that I am not the only one who loves to see what the local beers taste like wherever we go. It will be very difficult for a country to match Belgium, but I am always on the lookout 🙂

      evan&tracy August 30, 2012 at 8:34 pm Reply
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