Glasgow, a City for Romance…yes we’re serious!


It was a common theme when we told people we were going to Glasgow (even from Glaswegians themselves), a response “Why are you going to Glasgow?”  When the eventual fact came up that we look for romantic opportunities as part of our travel blogging, we got many looks like we were crazy!  We are here to say that there is romance in this city if you look for it. 

One of our favourite parts about Glasgow was walking the streets hand in hand exploring all of the classic buildings (especially the sandstone buildings) spread throughout the city.  As any Glaswegian will tell you, to see the true beauty of the city, simply look up. 

Glasgow - Look Up

Glasgow - Gallery of Modern Art









It is such a novel idea to a couple from Vancouver to see such beautiful historic buildings.  It seems the motto in Vancouver is that when a building reaches 50 years old, it is about 10 years too old and it is torn down.  Our city has very few old historic building, so we love seeing the beautiful buildings in other cities. 

Glasgow University

Glasgow - Kelvingrove Museum







We could have just wandered the streets each day, marveling at the beautiful detail in the historic buildings!

Glasgow - City Chambers

Another location for some romance is the Botanical Gardens.  This is a wonderful setting to sit with that special someone (even if you don’t go into the greenhouses).  Also, consider bringing a picnic and having it while you lounge in the park.

Possibly the best location for some romance is Kelvingrove Park.  Another beautiful park to lounge around for part of or all of a day, you are also blessed with an amazing view.  The surrounding area includes some of Glasgow’s most spectacular buildings.  From the park you can get views of the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and the main building of Glasgow University.  Some Glaswegians say that one corner of this park has the best view in the city.  This would be yet be another wonderful location for a picnic.

Glasgow - Kelvingrove View

Finally, as with any city, you can find some wonderful restaurants for a romantic meal.  The best we came across in our days in Glasgow was the Ubiquitous Chip.  Located in the trendy west end, down a narrow lane is this amazing eatery.  This restaurant is a traditional Scottish restaurant with a trendy twist. 

Glasgow - Ubiquitous Outside


You can order a haggis appetizer, but it comes with spices unlike anywhere else we experienced (very delicious).  Also, the Langoustines appetizer was scrumptiously delicious and is similar to a North American crayfish.

Glasgow - Ubiquitous Chip LagoustinesGlasgow - Ubiquitous Chip Haggis









The setting is wonderful with a “fine dining” restaurant, a more relaxed café and two bars all in one old warehouse building. 

Glasgow- Ubiquitous Chip Inside

Others that were recommended to us by Glasgow City Marketing Bureau were Rogano, Mother India and Òran Mór.

Their is plenty of of romance to be had all around Glasgow if you look.  Maybe even just cuddle up on a cosy chair and watch the people go by.

Outside Riverside Museum

If you will be heading to Glasgow, check out for plenty of ideas of what to do!


A special thanks to Caroline Newson-Lennox of CL Communications for all the tips and guidance for our stay in Glasgow.


How do you find romance in a city?


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  1. Normally a “Glasgow kiss” is a headbutt! Haha, but I guess you’re talking about real romance.
    Si recently posted..I was robbed in SpainMy Profile

    Si October 17, 2012 at 1:28 am Reply
    • Haha 😀

      We have heard that Glasgow can be rough, especially in certain places. Yes, we were on a search for real romance and it actually wasn’t that hard to find!!

      evan&tracy October 21, 2012 at 10:16 pm Reply

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