Not Just a Salt Mine in Krakow (Photos)

As we entered into Poland on an Eastern European bus tour, our tour guide told us that we would have the opportunity to visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine, one of the largest salt mines in Europe.  Since we believe strongly in experiencing what a destination has to offer, we were game to check it out, however, we just assumed it would be a simple mine museum.  We were definitely wrong about that, as the mine has been turned into a large display of artwork carved from the salt in the mine.  It is quite a spectacular display and we suggest you go check it out when you can.

Tasting the wall to confirm that we are in a salt mine (CHECK).  


Krakow - Salt Mine

Here is a sampling of the carvings you will see in the mine:

Krakow - Salt Mine Carving

Krakow - Salt Mine Carving

Yes the Chandelier is made out of salt (except for the lights themselves)

Krakow - Salt Mine Chandelier

Krakow - Salt Mine

Krakow - Salt Mine

Krakow - Salt Mine Carving

The Salt Mine Cathedral, which is also almost all salt carvings, including the elaborate floor “tiles”.  There is even a carving of the Last Supper in the walls.  It is a popular spot to have a wedding ceremony in Krakow.

Krakow - Salt Mine Cathedral

Pope John Paul II carving

Krakow - Salt Mine Pope John Paul II

What do you think of the Salt Mine in Krakow?  Would you visit?


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