Our first experience with Traditional Scottish Food


We are always open to new experiences…especially when it comes to cuisine!  We live by the philosophy that we will try anything once.  It may be the only time that we try it, but we will try it once.  And so, as we made our decision to go to Scotland, we knew that we would have to try some of the more interesting foods they have (especially since we both have Scottish heritage).  It was a bit odd that everyone who has tried haggis and black pudding in Scotland (and eating it in Scotland is important, because it is not the same elsewhere) said the same thing to us, “I know it sounds gross, but it tastes good!”  Not exactly a strong vote of confidence, but we were still game to try. 

For those who don’t know, one of the traditional Scottish foods is haggis.  The dish is a mixture of internal organs of sheep, cattle or venison (heart, liver, etc.) mixed with oatmeal and spices.  It was originally cooked inside a sheep’s stomach, but is no longer cooked that way.    A second traditional Scottish dish is Black Pudding.  This is oatmeal cooked with sheep’s blood.   As many people were not wealthy, they used as much of the animal as they could for food and this is how haggis and black pudding originated – little was wasted.

We did want to make sure our first taste of haggis was from a restaurant that the Scottish would recommend.  And so, on Caroline Newson Lennox’s recommendation, we headed to Ubiquitous Chip

Glasgow - Ubiquitous Chip Outside

Here we tried the haggis starter and it was delicious (along with everything else we tried).  Their version of haggis was spiced differently than others we tried and it made it the best we ate.

Glasgow - Ubiquitous Chip Haggis

Our next sampling occurred in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands at a restaurant called Urqhart Restaurant.  Here, we tried a traditional platter that included some steaks, chips, onion rings, haggis and black pudding.  The haggis was very good, although not quite as delicious as our previous tasting.  The black pudding was excellent!  We would definitely recommend everyone try it while they are in Scotland!

Inverness - Urqharts Dinner

Unfortunately, we did not have another opportunity to eat black pudding while in Scotland, but we will have to try it again when we return.  Evan did get one more opportunity to try haggis at the Filling Station Restaurant near Glasgow.  The haggis here was battered and deep fried.  He thought it was so tasty!!  It makes sense because Evan likes anything battered and deep fried :-).

Overall, we had a good experience trying traditional Scottish foods.  All we can say to others thinking of trying haggis or black pudding is “we know it sounds gross, but it taste good!!”

A special thanks to Caroline Newson-Lennox of CL Communications for all the tips and guidance for our stay in Glasgow.  If you will be heading to Glasgow, check out  http://www.seeglasgow.com/ for plenty of ideas of where to eat!

What is the strangest food you have tried?


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2 Responses to Our first experience with Traditional Scottish Food

  1. I tried haggis in Wales, and it just tasted like very strong meat to me. It wasn’t something I’d be rushing to include in all of my meals, but I agree that it doesn’t taste that bad at all!
    Jessica recently posted..The Best and the Boring of Europe’s Less-Traveled TownsMy Profile

    Jessica September 28, 2012 at 10:50 pm Reply
    • We were definitely pleasantly surprised by haggis. But, like anything, probably wouldn’t want to eat it every day. 🙂

      evan&tracy September 29, 2012 at 11:50 am Reply

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