Even travel bloggers need a vacation!


As travel bloggers who also have another full time job, life can get a bit busy sometimes as we work all day and then come home to work on our travel blog.  However, we love traveling and sharing our experiences with our readers and it is this passion that keeps us going.


Sometimes, you need to escape, unplug and totally re-energize.  We will be taking three weeks off from the blog and will not be posting any new content.  During this time, we will be spending a few weeks at Tracy’s family cabin in Vernon, BC located right on Okanagan Lake.  It is perfect timing, as British Columbia, Canada is currently in a major heat wave and we will enjoy being only steps from the water where we can cool off.  Renting a cabin as a vacation rental is something that we highly recommend and it can be a great way to explore your home province or state.

Okanagan Lake, Vernon, BC

Then, at the start of August, we will be heading to the Southern Okanagan and will be checking out a couple of resorts.  We are excited to stay for the first time in a yurt at Barefoot Beach Resort on the shores of Skaha Lake in Penticton.  We will also be spending a couple of nights at Summerland Waterfront Resort & Spa on Okanagan Lake and look forward to relaxing in their pool and on the beach.  Once we return, be sure to watch out for our posts on these two experiences, as we will have all the details about our accommodations, activities, etc.

Don’t worry though, while we will not be posting new content, we will be tweeting some of our popular older articles that you may have missed.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep up with our adventures, as we will be actively sharing photos, etc. while we are away.

Do you think it is important to take a break from work to de-stress and re-energize?  Share with us your favourite way to ‘get away’.


Some posts on our site, Travels4Couples, do allow us to make money. However, we do not sacrifice our integrity and only post those articles that match our brand and we feel would interest our readers.

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