Four reasons to honeymoon in Tenerife


You only have a two week vacation slot, and you need to plan the island honeymoon of a lifetime. Presented with so many options and having sifted through enough sparky travel company information to choke a cat, it’s time to make your mind up and you’re lost for reasons. Panic not: if you’re looking for your honeymoon in paradise, here are some reasons you could find it in Tenerife. Travel agents, like First Choice, create great packages for honeymooners.

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It’s a tropical island in Europe

Tenerife is a winning combination of swaying palms, endless stretches of beach and long, warm summers, shadowed by the giant, craggy volcano of Mount Teide. It’s the perfect spot for some romance, but if you are planning onward travel, it’s only a short flight from the incredible culture of cities like Rome, Paris and Barcelona. 

Tenerife 2

The weather is idyllic

Tenerife is cosy and rain-free throughout the year, and is known as ‘the island of eternal spring’. Cue sandals and sarongs, perfect hair and shades. All in all, it’s much more romantic than the wet dog look, and the perfect climate for long al fresco dinners.

Fun comes as standard

You won’t have to spend much to have a good time in Tenerife, and much of this island’s appeal is in its natural beauty, with long stretches of pristine, sandy beach, dramatic hiking trails and wildlife. Head up into the mountains to visit the pretty village of Masca for example, a cheap day’s adventure with views that will make you giddy, or speed out over the waves on a dolphin and whale-spotting excursion. 

Tenerife 3

There’s no shortage of nightlife

Despite your best intentions to spend two weeks together in romantic seclusion, the call of Playas de las Americas might tempt you out of retreat, if only for one night. Wander the main drag for some very colorful people-watching, or, for something more sophisticated, take in some opera or flamenco in the Piramide de Arona. 

Wherever you choose to go, make sure you celebrate your nuptials in style.


Sarah was born in Europe and she is a travel and blogging fanatic. She is a real foodie and tastes all the exotic foods available in the country she is in. She has been away for 3 years now and doesn’t plan to stop!



(Picture courtesy: FirstChoice)

Images by Jesus Solana, Alquiler de Coches and Asier Sarasua Aranberii, used under the Creative Commons license. 


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