India Travel Diary – Part 3


In order to stay on schedule, we took a plane up to the city of Jodhpur, a busy place dominated by the huge fort of Mehrangarh, which towers from its perch on a rocky ridge.  Images of Aladdin popped into our minds as the luxurious palace watches the impoverished city below.  From anywhere in the city, you can see this looming presence, and we spent many hours staring at this awesome structure from our balcony and rooftop of our guesthouse. 

India - Jodhpur Fort at night

The owner was a kind man who spent time with us describing the city we were falling in love with.  In payment, we taught him some computer tricks and even set up a Facebook page for his business.  Using internet video conferencing from his kitchen table, we had a chance to be with the Macmaster family at their annual Christmas gathering.

Continuing by train, we arrived in Jaisalmer, a golden city in the far western edge of Rajasthan. A fort rises high on a hill like a multi-turreted sandcastle in a mirage.  No place evokes ancient desert splendour and exotic trade routes. 

India - Jaisalmer Panorama

Staying in a guesthouse in the ancient fort, we had a chance to see up close the beauty that brings people to this remote city near the Pakistan border. 

India - Jaisalmer

People watching in Jaisalmer

India - Jaisalmer cow

Street cow waiting for dinner in Jaisalmer

A trip to the Thar Desert is only complete with a camel trek, as we spent the last couple days, bumping and bouncing our way through the dry terrain. 

India - Thar Desert

A village girl keeps her distance in the Thar Desert

Sleeping in the desert, under a thin canvas tent, we shivered throughout the night, praying for the sun to rise.  Riding a camel is just like travelling by elephant; best to do once for the experience, then move on to more comfortable methods.

India - Thar desert camel safari

In order to get back to New Delhi, we had to train once again to Jodhpur and then fly to the capital city; an exhausting trip that just about used up the last of our energy.  However, we braved the city mayhem and pollution, travelling by subway into the geographical heart of New Delhi.  Connaught Place is designed like areas of England, where concentric circles radiate from a central park, creating symmetry like a spider’s web.  Though confusing to navigate, we enjoyed getting lost within the maze of streets, shopping, cows, auto rickshaws and countless people; a fitting end to our adventure in India.  No country is quite like it, and you really have to see it to believe it.

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BioABOUT THE AUTHOR: Patrick Macmaster and Tara Avenia are teachers who have worked in Malaysia and parts of Canada.  Their love of travel, photography and video production can be found on their youtube channel.  


Do you have any recommendations for must-see sights or cities while traveling to India?


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  1. Lovely shots. I love your photographs. People say no Rajasthan trip is complete without visit Mehrangarh fort but we are yet to go.

    Empty Rucksack February 16, 2014 at 10:16 am Reply
    • Thanks for your comment!! We hope you make it to Mehrangarh Fort soon!

      evan&tracy February 17, 2014 at 10:12 pm Reply

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