A Review of Sandals Whitehouse Jamaica


We were fortunate enough to get to travel for one week to Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica.  These are the highlights of our trip to the resort. 

The grounds of the resort are beautiful and nicely spaced.  There are three pools, the main pool, the French pool and the small Dutch Pool.  There are tennis courts, a fitness center, activity room (pool tables, etc.) and a large stretch of white sand beach.

Sandals - Whitehouse

Sandals Whitehouse Resort in Jamaica

Sandals Whitehouse - Main Pool

The Main Pool


The food at Sandals Whitehouse was delicious.  We did not have any bad meals, whether we ate at Guiseppe’s Italian Restaurant, Jasmine’s, Eleanor’s, Neptune’s, Bayside Grill, or Bluefield Beach Club.  Our favourites were Bluefield Beach Club (great Jerk chicken or pork) and Jasmine’s (lots of great choices).  These restaurants were great locations for traveling couples.

Sandals Whitehouse - Jasmine's Restaurant

Dinner at Jasmine’s Restaurant

Sandals Whitehouse - Bluefield Beach Club

Bluefield Beach Club

Our favourite place for any food was the Café de Paris.  This was a little drop in café where you can order any coffee or sweets that your heart desires (so many great choices), heaven for a couple who loves sweets.  My favourite was the peanut butter cookies and Tracy loved the crepes!  We spent a little too much time going to café de Paris at least for our waistlines.  ; ) 

We also highly recommend a truly romantic experience where you can have a candlelight dinner on the beach.  The dinner is served out on the beach where you and yours get to watch the sunset and eat a wonderful meal (we had lobster, mmm so good!).  It is worth the extra money it costs to have that private time with your special someone!

Sandals Whithouse - Sunset Dinner


They have lots of activities to keep you going at the Sandals Whitehouse resort.  We participated in Couples Scavenger Hunts, Pool Volleyball, and Music Trivia, but there were many more things happening.  It is great to get involved and the entertainment staff really try to get to know you during your stay.  The best thing to do on a vacation like this is to lounge by the pool.  Our recommendation is the French Pool.  It is a nice quiet spot and not as busy as the main pool, but not too small of a pool.  The French Pool is also where Bluefield Beach Club is, which worked out great for lunch!  There are nightly shows that are pretty good.  However, you have to go to the Saturday night steel drum show it is spectacular!

Sandals Whitehouse - French Pool

The French Pool

We did not do many of the water activities that were available, but heard from some other guests that they were okay.   We did go snorkeling out on a complementary resort boat tour/snorkeling trip.  We loved the view from the water along the coast of Whitehouse, but we found the snorkeling to be rather unimpressive around the resort area.  We would say don’t spend your time doing that, there are many other places to snorkel that are better.


Unfortunately, because we only had a week at the resort, we did not get the chance to go on many excursions.  The one excursion we did go on was to the Black River, YS Falls and Appleton Rum Factory.  We LOVED this trip.  The Black River cruise took us to waters filled with crocodiles and other wildlife.  It was an excellent cruise to get a nice look at some crocs! 

Jamaica - Black River Crocodile

Next, we went to the beautiful area of YS Falls, which has a series of pools under each falls which are nice and refreshing.   The spot is perfect for a couple traveling with romance in mind.  We decided to go ziplining, as they had a course at the Falls.  It was so much fun!  We definitely recommend doing it if you have the chance. 

Jamaica - YS Falls

YS Falls

Jamaica - YS Falls ziplining

We finished the excursion at the Appleton Rum Factory. Here we were served a tasty lunch before being taken on a tour of the rum making facilities.  The tour included a good description of the rum making process and history (especially if you are as big of fans of Appleton Rum as we are). 

Jamaica - Appleton Rum Factory

Jamaica - Appleton Rum Factory

The best part here is they let you try the different rums they have (as many as you want!).

Jamaica - Appleton Rum Factory

The Negatives

Although we really enjoyed our stay, as with any resort, it is not all rosey at the Sandals Whitehouse.  The major problems we felt existed with our experience were:

  • The drive from the airport in Montego Bay to the resort in Whitehouse is at least an hour and a half.  Not only is it a long drive, but you are being taken on a very windy road in very poor condition.  There were points on the drive the van actually had to go into the oncoming traffic lane or it would have been swallowed up by a giant “pothole.”   We had to weave around as oncoming traffic was passing by!  Definitely not an enjoyable drive, although there was some nice scenery.
  • The worst part about the Sandals Whitehouse Resort was the lounge chairs around the pools.  They try to make it so there is some space between chairs, but as a result there are not enough loungers for the number of customers in the resort.  They also do not monitor reserving of seats.  The result was we had to get up before 7 am (ON VACATION) to get a lounger around the pool!
  • The last problem we encountered was that the beautiful sand beach at the resort had sand fleas when we were there.  It was a result of shipping in sand from another site after a big storm washed much of the resorts beach away.  Our friends, a couple who travelled to Sandals Whitehouse a year after us said there was no fleas when they went there, so I think they solved this situation.
What is the best all inclusive resort you have ever been to and why?


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  1. Haven’t been to Jamaica yet. Our best all-inclusive experience was the Riu Palace in Los Cabos, Mexico. Loved it. It was clean, food was decent (all-inclusive food is pretty much all the same — nothing amazing, but it was good). Had to reserve dinner in advance, sometimes by a couple days, but each restaurant was cute. Lots of lounge chairs.. just all around fun! Good location, too.
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    Debbie August 28, 2012 at 10:01 am Reply
    • Thanks for the suggestion, Debbie. There are always so many of these all-inclusive resorts to choose from when going on this type of vacation that it is always nice to get a recommendation from someone who has actually been to the resort.

      evan&tracy August 30, 2012 at 8:24 pm Reply
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