Six Rides in Orlando for the Adrenaline Junkie


We are rollercoaster fanatics, as we love the adrenaline rush you get while riding them and that feeling in your stomach as you drop!  We have had the opportunity to travel to Orlando, Florida on two different occasions and have fallen in love with a few of the rides. 

The rides we have on our list are those that are located in Orlando only, as we have not traveled outside Orlando in Florida (and therefore cannot comment on any other coasters), so don’t get upset that your favourite coaster in Tampa isn’t in the list ;-).

Without further ado, here are our favourite amusement park rides in Orlando:

Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom: Walt Disney World):  Space Mountain is one of the first thrill rides built in Orlando.   It may not have as much excitement as others, but it still has some of the thrills an adrenaline junkie is seeking.  The coaster takes you through all kinds of twists and turns all IN THE DARK!  You don’t know what is going to happen next.  Considering it was opened in 1975, it is impressive how exciting it is.

The Hulk (Universal Islands of Adventure):  This ride may look like many others, but it is a great ride due to its “launch.”  The ride sends you from 0 to 64 km/h (40 mph) in 2 seconds!  This start was modelled after a plane taking off on an aircraft carrier.  Once “launched” the ride reaches a maximum speed of 107 km/h (67 mph) and has seven inversions in its 2 minute 15 second journey.

The Hulk - Universal Islands of Adventure

Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom: Walt Disney World):  The model of Everest reaches up 299 ft. into the air, which allows lots of space for big drops.  The ride reaches a maximum speed of 80 km/h (50 mph), plenty enough for those thrill seekers.  The best part of this ride is best left to surprise during the actual experience.  We prefer to leave it that way, but we assure you it will be well worth it.

Expedition Everest - Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom

Kraken (SeaWorld Orlando): One of SeaWorld Orlando’s great thrill rides, Kraken takes you to heights of 45 m (149 ft.) with a maximum drop of 43 m (144 ft.) (a pretty awesome drop).  The ride has 7 inversions and reaches maximum speeds of 104 km/h (65 mph).  A nice added bonus is that the train of the ride is set up so that your feet dangle as you make your way around the track.

The Hollywood Tower of Terror (Hollywood Studios: Walt Disney World):  The Tower of Terror is the ultimate drop ride.  The tower sets the scene for terror by showing clips from the old TV show “The Twilight Zone” before you are taken up in an “elevator” through the Hollywood Hotel.  Then you are dropped 13 storeys, before being launched back up and dropped a few more times, and finally returned to the safety of the solid ground.

Hollywood Tower of Terror - Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios

Manta (SeaWorld Orlando):  This ride is the ultimate in thrill rides!  It has a maximum drop of 34 m (113 ft.), 4 inversions and a maximum speed of 90 km/h (56 mph).  The most exciting part of Manta is that it is a head-first, face-down rollercoaster.  As you are boarding the ride, the seats are upright and they lock you in.  Once everyone is all locked in, the chairs are rotated 90° and you face the ground.  You continue through the entire ride feeling like your flying through the air like superman!  To make things even more thrilling the ride is only 7 ft. off the ground at its lowest point!!

Manta - SeaWorld

We must add that we have not been on the GM Test Track at Epcot (Walt Disney World), as both times we went the ride was down.  We have heard that it is quite the ride for adrenaline junkies.  Also, we cannot comment on any rides at the Universal Orlando Park, as we have not been fortunate enough to visit this park.  Please feel free to let us know about any rides in Orlando that should be added to the list!

What is the best rollercoaster/amusement park ride you have ever been on?  What made it so great?


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