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We know that it is the trend for most travelers to write a bucket list of places they would love to travel to.  We have found that this just doesn’t work for us.  We have had many different discussions on what our bucket list looks like, but two main problems always arise.  First, we can never find an end to our bucket list!  Every time we think we may have got it all…we hear about another amazing place/adventure and then we have to find a place for it on the list.  Second, every time we try to sit down and write out our list (even when we have tried to do a list in the past), we cannot decide on the proper order :S.  We go back and forth on a list and spend hours trying to agree on the top 5 or 10 or whatever and just can’t settle on what should be first…or second…or twentieth for that matter.  Sometimes we have thought we had the beginnings of a list only to revisit later and completely change our minds.  We just love to travel and want to see so much of what the world has to offer that it is too difficult to narrow it down to a short list!

So instead we thought we could do a list of 5 places we would love to return to, as we thought we could manage this list, although it is in no particular order (that would have been too difficult).  Now the list may be specific places, cities, regions or countries (we didn’t want to make things too difficult on ourselves :)).

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

It is the perfect place for couples to travel to get a bit romantic (ok a lot romantic).  We were lucky enough to enjoy 5 nights on Bora Bora in 2012 and feel like we found our own version of paradise!  We loved the look of the place, with its central island including Mount Otemanu surrounded by a beautiful multicolored lagoon, which is ringed by a series of smaller islands called motus and a coral reef.  It is absolutely breathtaking to see it from the air.  We can’t forget about the overwater bungalows, which provide couples with the perfect retreat.  You can sit out on your private patio suspended above the water and relax and enjoy the sun.  Any couples out there that have been following our blog are probably not surprised to see this on the list.

French Polynesia - Hilton Bora Bora

London, England

We love hanging out in London.  There are so many cool spots to check out, like the Tower of London, The Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and the Parliament Buildings (where Big Ben is).  We have been to London twice and by no means have we had time to see everything!  We would like to return to try and check some more of these things of the list (and probably add some more things on…there we go with lists again).  We also really enjoy taking time to enjoy ourselves in London’s many parks.  We recommend Hyde Park (of course), Regent’s Park and Kensington Gardens.  For a little couples time we like to see the theater in London as well.  There are few places in the world where we have seen better shows!

London - Tower Bridge

Paris, France 

The city of love…Paris is the ideal spot for couples to travel.  Much like London, there are numerous sights to see in Paris, like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and the Notre Dame Cathedral (oh yeah and this little building called the Louvre), but Paris is much more than that as well!  We loved taking in everything the city has to offer, whether down on the river Seine, along the Champs-Elysees or heading to one of the many parks in the city for a picnic.  It truly is a city of romance and it is perfect for that couples getaway!  We would go to Paris many times over without hesitation if our budget allowed.

Paris - Eiffel Tower

Walt Disney World

We have to admit; we are a bit Disney crazy when it comes to visiting the amusement parks.  We become a couple of kids again the minute we walk through the turnstiles!  It truly is the happiest place on earth for the whole time we are there.  We want to take it all in; the rides, the shows, meeting characters, all of it!  We would have really written any Disney park we have been to, but Orlando is the preferred destination, as it also would allow us to go to Universal Studios for, you guessed it, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, of which we are also big fans.

Orlando, Florida - Walt Disney World Cinderella's Castle


Yeah, this is a bit of a broad area, but it is too hard to narrow down where we want to go in Austria, so have to see it all again.  We positively (and somewhat unexpectedly) fell in love with Vienna when we visited it.  It is just a clean, beautiful and classy city; we would say ideal for couples travel.  There is much to see and do in Vienna, so make sure you have lots of time to see it.  Much of Austria is the heart of the Alps, which is ideal for two mountain lovers.  We would love to spend time in its many great cities, like Salzburg, Innsbruck and Kitzbuhel.  It would be great to get in a little skiing in as well.

Austria - Vienna Hopfburg Summer Palace

We would love to get to any of these some time soon.  There it is, 5 of the places we have been that we would love to be able to see again. 

Wait what about Switzerland…and Scotland…and…oh crap here we go again 🙂.


What is the one place you have been that you would really like to go back to?


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