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It being Canada Day on July 1st, we thought we would make this post Canada related.  We tried to think what the best focus could be to let people know a little bit more about Canadians.  We decided that the best way to get a small window into Canadian life would be to give you some uniquely Canadian words so you can fit in on your next Canadian vacation.  By the way, you will not see “eh” on this list.  There may be Canadians who frequently use this word, but we hear that word about as frequently as you do!  So here is a slice of “Canadiana”:

Runners – We often use this term for running shoes or sneakers.  This one may be used in some other English speaking areas of the US, GB and Australia.

Chesterfield – Believe it or not, chesterfield is a Canadian term for a couch or sofa.  If a Canadian invites you to sit on the chesterfield, just go and sit on the couch!

Double – Double – A special coffee order in Canada that is black coffee with two sugars and two creams (yes, it is that popular in Canada to have that exact mix).

Canada - A toque

A toque!

Poutine – Almost everyone loves French fries (or chips for the British out there) and many places have their own specialties, like chili cheese fries, but here in Canada we do it right.  This artery clogging delicacy originated in Quebec, but has spread all throughout the country.  Imagine a basket of fries coated in gravy and topped with delicious cheese curds.  There is nothing quite like it and it is delicious!  You must try it if you’re in Canada (especially in Quebec).

Bathroom/Washroom – One of the most important things to do while traveling is to ask how to get to the toilets (in any language).  Otherwise you can spend much of your vacation wandering around with your legs crossed searching for toilets. Our first travel destinations were to the United States and Great Britain.  Whenever we needed to go, we would ask just like we did at home, “where is the bathroom?” and we would get dumbfounded looks.  I am sure they were thinking, “why do you need to take a bath now and why do you think we would have a bath at this restaurant?”  It turns out Canada is the only place that uses bathroom for toilets, so the number one piece of advice we give our friends when they travel is call them toilets, because that works no matter where you go!

Pop – We know this word exists in a different context around the world, but it means something unique in Canada.  We were absolutely fascinated to learn that when we ordered a “pop” at a restaurant, they had no idea what we wanted.  We were dumbfounded!  We had no idea that it was only called soda or soft drinks in other parts of the world and we were the only ones that used the word “pop.”

We Love Canada!

We Love Canada!

Good Luck with your adventures in Canada!


What are some of the Canadian slang we missed?  What are some popular slang terms in your country?


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3 Responses to OH Canada!

  1. Great idea for a post. It’s funny how others think Canadians say “eh” more than we actually do. Trying to think of more Canadian slang but you covered it well. 🙂

    Debbie July 3, 2013 at 9:39 pm Reply
    • Thanks Debbie! It is funny that many people think that about “eh.” We don’t really know where that comes from!?! Although, we’re sure there are words that we attribute to others that are not true as well ;). Definitely add any more words if you think of them!

      evan&tracy July 9, 2013 at 8:16 pm Reply
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