Okanagan Wine Touring yet Again…

Naramata Bench - Wine Fields

For anybody that has been following along, we have managed to be all over the Okanagan Valley visiting wineries and tasting their wines.  We have been to West Kelowna, Osoyoos/Oliver, and Summerland.  In today’s post we venture to Naramata and OK Falls to check out some of their best wineries.  As we have mentioned in earlier posts, we are partial to white wines and sweeter rather than dry, so that is where our focus will lie.  Naramata and OK Falls are both a short drive from the main town of Penticton, BC.  We were able to visit 5 different wineries in this region and these are our thoughts on each one.

Naramata, BC

Elephant Island Orchard Wines 

Elephant Island is a fruit winery with a large selection of wines from many different fruits (blackberry, cherries, pear, and currants).  We found these wines to be quite dry.  We imagine they would be tasty to any real wine connoisseurs out there, but it was not our taste.  We did find one wine to purchase and oddly enough it was their one grape wine.  They gave it the name “I told you so,” as it was made to prove to those non-believers that they could make a quality grape wine.

Naramata, BC - Elephant Island Orchard Wines

Black Widow Winery

Black Widow is another one of those wineries that seems to specialize in reds, which is not our taste, however, our red wine-drinking friends seemed to enjoy it.  They do have one rare white wine we have not seen anywhere else in the Okanagan, a Schonburger wine, which unfortunately they were completely sold out of by the time we visited in July.  The wine sells out pretty early in the year, but our friends swear it is one of the best in the region!

Naramata, BC - Black Widow Winery Sign

Naramata, BC - Black Widow Winery Casks

Ruby Blues Winery

A quaint little winery with a very eclectic feel (check out the Volkswagen van they used for the sign), Ruby Blues is a fun stop on your wine tour.  This was one of our favourites in Naramata.  They had numerous whites that we enjoyed, including an award winning Gewurztraminer and a blend called White Stiletto, both of which we thoroughly enjoyed and of course we bought a bottle of each!

Naramata, BC - Ruby Blues Winery Sign

Naramata, BC - Ruby Blues Winery Building

Lake Breeze Wine Farm

Lake Breeze Wine Farm was our other favourite winery in Naramata.  They have a large selection of both whites and reds and we think there is a wine for people of all tastes.  We found two different kinds we really enjoyed, an Ehrenfelser and a Gewurztraminer.  As an added bonus, the winery has an excellent patio to stop in for a little lunch!

Naramata, BC - Lake Breeze Wine Farm Sign

Naramata, BC - Lake Breeze Wine Farm Patio

OK Falls, BC

Wild Goose Vineyards

Wild Goose Vineyards is the only winery we were able to visit in OK Falls unfortunately, but we were not disappointed with our visit.  Much like Lake Breeze they have a large selection of wines with varieties for all tastes.  We were fans of the Riesling and the Gewurztraminer, but our favourite was the Morio and Friends, which once again made it into our car on the way home :).

OK Falls, BC - Wild Goose Winery

There are so many wineries throughout the Okanagan Valley, that it would take a long time to actually visit them all…so we have only given you a small sampling.  Hopefully this helps you plan your wine touring! 

What is your favourite wine?  Please share with us and the rest of our readers 🙂



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