Our Funniest Travel Stories!


After writing our recent post about some of the funniest language miscommunications we have had, we started thinking about some of the funniest stories we can remember from our travels as a couple.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic - Vlatana River

We have taken many trips where we have joined tours for part of our journey, including cruises and bus tours.  We have really enjoyed seeing cities in this way and have been lucky enough to meet some fun people to travel with.  This story includes a pair of sisters we met while traveling on a bus tour through Eastern Europe. 

While in Prague, we went out to a bar to enjoy some drinks and get to know some of the people on our tour.  The bar was in downtown Prague and we had to take the metro to get back to our hotel.  We headed out around midnight to return home.  When we got to the metro station, we bought our tickets and headed towards the platform.  On our way down we saw there were these two people that were stopping all the people and it looked to us like they were trying to sell something or hand out flyers to a club, which we had seen people doing throughout Europe, so we decided to try and avoid dealing with them and just walk on by.

Unfortunately, this did not work out well for us.  The two men came right at us and were yelling something we were struggling to understand.  Finally three of us (Tracy, one of the sisters and me) caught on that this was the Transit Police and they were yelling to us “ticket control!” or in other words…show us your tickets please.  The three of us slowed down and started getting our tickets out to show the police…unfortunately the other sister was not as quick to catch on and, instead of slowing down to show her ticket, she sped up thinking they were just trying for a really aggressive sale.  She made it about another 100m down the hall and almost to the escalator with one of the officers chasing her yelling “ticket control” repeatedly before she clued in that the rest of us had stopped and she should stop as well.  We still laugh every time we picture her speed walking down the hall being chased by the officer.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria - Sacher Cafe

On the same bus tour, we met a married couple that we got along with really well, so we ended up doing many activities with them throughout the tour.  We should preface this story with the fact these two were not good with directions, as evidenced on the same night in Prague from above.  The sisters had actually left the bar before we did with this couple to head towards the metro and back to the hotel.  We continued to socialize and half an hour later the sisters re-entered the bar.  Turns out they had followed this couple around trying to find the metro and had ended up doing a full circle and ended up back where they started. 

On this occasion in Vienna, we agreed to meet them at the Famous Sacher Café to have a piece of the famous dessert, Sachertorte, that originated at the café.  We were at the Swarovski Mega store in the heart of the city, which is literally a two-minute walk from the café.  All they needed to do was exit the store, turn right and walk the short distance. 

We left the store before them because we wanted to get a souvenir before we had to go back to the bus, so we arranged to meet them in 10 minutes at the café…simple enough we thought.  We went throughout the city to find our souvenir and then made it back to the café (took about 10 minutes).  When we got there, the couple was still nowhere to be seen.  We took a seat and waited another 15 minutes with no sign of them!  We were just about to order food and give up meeting them, when they finally strolled in.  It turned out they had yet again messed up the direction; they had turned left out of the store instead of right!!  They couldn’t even remember one-step directions.  Needless to say we were in control of directions when we went out with them.  🙂

Every Museum and Zoo we have ever visited

Berlin, Germany - Orangutan at the zoo

We have very different opinions on how you go about visiting both museums and zoos.  I am sure we look like the funniest couple, if you were to watch us make our way around both.  At museums, Evan strongly believes in experiencing them and trying to learn a little bit about the exhibits through the signs that are posted in them, however, Tracy believes museums are meant to be skimmed and seen from a distance. 

Therefore, our standard dance when we enter an exhibit is: enter at the same spot look at the first item together.  Evan begins to read the placards, Tracy moves on to the next item.  Tracy “races” through the entire exhibit; then tries to find a place to sit and waits…and waits…and waits…  Evan moves from item to item reading about each and trying to figure out its significance and constantly feels these eyes burning through him, which makes him read faster than he would like.  By the end neither of us are very happy and we are just happy to leave!

At zoos, we get along a little better, but we have the constant struggle of what to see.  Evan loves animals, so he wants to see EVERY animal in the zoo!  Tracy could care less about many of the animals and would skip straight to the monkey and primate exhibit (especially chimpanzees and orangutans) and she could watch them all day long!  Sometimes we do give up seeing the park together and Evan will visit some other animals and leave Tracy with her monkeys, but most of the time it is Tracy pulling Evan along until we reach the monkey exhibit and then it is Evan trying to pull Tracy away to see the rest of the park. 🙂

Florence, Italy

Italy - Motorway

This story actually takes place on the motorway between Florence and the Cinque Terre in Italy.  We had rented a car to drive ourselves up to the Cinque Terre (which we heard was an awesome place to visit…and it was).  Along the motorway there are spots you need to pull in and pay a toll (unless you have special passes).  We came to one such tollbooth and pulled up behind a car that was in the process of paying.  Let me be clear…there was a car at the booth talking to the operator when we pulled up.  Once the gate opened and the other car cleared it, we moved up to the booth.  When we got to the window, the operator had fallen asleep!!! (no joke).  After a brief pause due to the shock of what was happening, Evan used his excellent Italian skills (not really) and said “buonjourno”.  It took two times before the operator snapped out of it and realized we were there!  Then, Evan handed the operator the money for the toll, which the operator accepted and then promptly dosed off again!  We had to grab his attention a second time to get him to open the gate.

Apparently, somebody had a late night.  We laughed all the way to the Cinque Terre. 😀


What are your funniest travel stories?  We would love to hear them in the comments below!


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