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Christmas Stockings

We, unfortunately, have not been in the position to travel much during the busy holiday season in December.  We have lots of things planned for that time and we often have to work up until very close to Christmas.  Since we haven’t seen much of the world during the holiday season, we have a long list of things we would like to experience.  We thought it would be fun to look at some of those things we would like to see or do during the holidays.

Ring in the New Year in Times Square

We both spent our childhoods watching New Years Rockin’ Eve hosted by Dick Clark with our parents.  We remember being enthralled until the moment the iconic ball dropped over Times Square to ring in another new year.  Although it is sad we will no longer have the chance to see this with the wonderful Dick Clark hosting, we still long to be amongst the throng of people ringing in the New Year in New York. 

BONUS: It wouldn’t be a holiday trip to New York if we didn’t also check out some of the great Christmas events while we were there.  We would have to check out the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center and go skating on the outdoor rink.

See the Christmas Markets in Europe

In the snow-covered cities across Europe, the Christmas Markets seem so magical.  We can just imagine them, with their fresh baked goods and delicious meals filling your nostrils with wonderful smells, with happy children and parents milling about, and stall upon stall of items to explore.  We have often said the draw of Christmas markets could be the factor that finally gets us to hop on a plane at Christmas time.

Have a summertime Christmas in Australia

We have always been so bombarded with scenes of what Christmas should be like at home (White Christmas, turkey dinner, sleigh rides, etc.), we had never considered what Christmas would be like in other parts of the world.  You see, we live in Canada, where Christmas comes in winter, so all the tales we have heard are related to winter.  However, we were speaking to some Australian friends we met a few years ago and it dawned on us that Christmas comes in their summer!  This seemed so foreign to us, so we had to ask them how they celebrated.  We were told a large portion have the usual presents, etc. in the morning at home, then hit the beach for a nice dinner on the barbecue.  This was quite a strange idea to us, but it sounded pretty cool!  Now, don’t get us wrong we LOVE our traditional Christmas in Canada, but it seems kinda cool to go and experience a summer Christmas just once!

Well that was a little dreamy; now we are really getting the itch to go… Hopefully this inspires you to check out some of these places yourself!

What amazing Christmas experiences could we add to the list?


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