Our Next Trip… West coast of USA!!!


We are very excited, as we near our next journey away from home.  This time we are planning to travel with Evan’s parents in a motorhome trip from our hometown Vancouver, Canada, south as far as Napa, California.  This will be the first vacation for our three month old baby girl, so we are definitely looking forward to getting away again and seeing how she handles a life on the go!

Motorhome for USA West Coast trip

Our home for 2 weeks!

The plan is to make our way through Washington (a great state to visit, as we have on many occasions just not much this trip) and make our way to the Oregon Coast that we have heard some many amazing stories about.  We will spend a couple of days in South Beach, Oregon, where we are looking forward to taking in the sights around the cities of Newport and Florence.  The most intriguing part of our time in South Beach is checking out the Sea Lion Caves.  The caves are reported to be the largest sea caves in the world with wildlife spilling out everywhere!!!

Our next stop will be Bandon, Oregon in the Southwest corner of the state.  The main purpose for our stop here is riding the dunes.  There are massive sand dunes along the Oregon coast that provide some spectacular vistas of endless rolling sand hills melting into the Pacific Ocean.  We have been told that the sights are well worth the trip and we look forward to taking them in while on a dune buggy.  This should be a fantastic thrill ride for us!

We continue our journey into California where we have 2 stops in the Napa Valley, in Santa Rosa and the town of Napa itself.  Of course there will be plenty of wine tasting by us, but we have some other excellent opportunities to experience while we are there.  We are so excited to experience the world famous Napa Valley Wine Train.  The train takes patrons through one of the most well-known wine valleys in the world on a historic train.

In Santa Rosa, we are fortunate enough to get to go to Safari West, where we will get to “go on safari” to encounter a huge array of animals.  We love zoos, so we cannot wait for this experience.  It is our opportunity to go on a safari right here in North America.  In addition, we will be staying in the Treetop Luxury Tents to experience the night time safari experience.  We can’t wait for this to get here!

Finally, we will be waking very early in the morning to go on a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Napa Valley with Napa Valley Balloons Inc.  We have never been up in a hot air balloon EVER, so we are super happy for this!   It includes an hour long ride over the valley and a champagne breakfast to follow the ride.  It sounds like the perfect beginning to the day and how romantic!!

Well there you have it…our next vacation; it sounds awesome doesn’t it!?!  We can’t wait to hit the road!


Do you have any travel plans this summer?  What is your next trip?  Let us know in the comments below.


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