Packing appropriately for your vacation!

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We found this aspect of traveling to be one of the hardest things as a couple for a long time.  How do you pack appropriately for traveling?  We need to start off by saying everybody has there own preference, so don’t treat our words like gold.  However, we thought we would share what we’ve learned and hopefully it can help you out.  We will also state outright that we are luggage people; we tried the backpacking thing early on, and although we can see its value, it just didn’t work for us.  If that discredits anything we say in your mind, so be it.

Roll your clothes

We have used this little trick repeatedly and it always amazes us how much more fits into our luggage.  We have been able to fit enough clothes in our luggage to last two full weeks before washing simply with this gem.  As an added bonus, we find that the clothes arrive less wrinkled than when it is simply folded.

Only pack what you absolutely need

This is the trickiest one of all, but it makes your life so much easier once you master it.  It is so easy to try to pack for every eventuality that may arise, but it simply doesn’t work when traveling.  It is especially unfortunate when you are traveling to places to shop or tour.  If you overload your luggage when you leave, you won’t be able to add ANYTHING during your trip.  Instead, plan for the location you are visiting.  If you are heading to a sun destination, don’t bring lots of “layers” in case it gets cold or rains.  Even if it does rain, it is going to be warm, so leave those extra pants and jackets at home.  A simple light jacket will suffice.  At worst you can buy something in the location in many cases.

Watch the shoes

We have noticed that shoes take up by far the largest portion of our luggage if we are not careful.  It is easy to try to plan for all needs of shoes, but as with clothes only pack what you absolutely need…particularly with shoes, which cannot be rolled up.

Share your luggage space

Possibly the best advice we can give…which we learned from experience…is to split your clothes between people you are traveling with.  This is a back up plan in case one set of luggage gets lost in transit.  We had this unfortunate experience on our trip to London.  We arrived without issue, but Tracy’s luggage did not.  We had not split our clothes, so all of Tracy’s clothes were missing somewhere out in the world.  It took nearly three days for her luggage to make its way to us and so we had to go buy a bunch of new clothes to make due.  We have always split our clothes since that trip to make sure that we both have some outfits if one person’s luggage goes missing.

It can be such a difficult task to pack that luggage…and feel happy with your packing…so we hope we have given you a bit of advice that makes it a little easier for you!  Remember the most important part, you are going away somewhere exciting!!

What other pieces of advice would you give for packing?


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