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Hawaii - Maui Ocean Center Sign

On our recent trip to Maui, we were a little disappointed that we were not able to go snorkeling.  We have been in the past and really enjoy checking out the sea life all around the island, especially all those colourful, tropical fish.  Luckily, we discovered the perfect alternative in the Maui Ocean Center (Maui’s aquarium).  Located in Maalea Harbour, just a short drive from Kihei, it is a great place to visit for a few hours or the whole day.  We loved checking out all of the exhibits including The Living Reef, Turtle Lagoon, Hammerhead Harbour, The Tide Pool, Marine Mammal Discovery Center, Hawaiians and the Sea, Sea Jelly Gallery & The Open Ocean.  Special favourites of ours were definitely Turtle Lagoon and the baby turtles and The Open Ocean where you could walk through a 54 foot-long clear acrylic tunnel while being amazed at the sea creatures swimming all around you.  If you are lucky, you will have some sharks and stingrays swimming right over your head!

A word of warning, about 30% of the aquarium is outside, therefore, this is not a good destination to totally escape the rain.  However, it is Maui, so the rain is nothing to be concerned about.

If you are heading to Maui, we highly recommend a visit to the Maui Ocean Center.  Here are a few photos from our time exploring all of the galleries and exhibits.

Tropical Fish!

Hawaii - Maui Ocean Center Tropical Fish 1

Hawaii - Maui Ocean Center Tropical Fish 2

Hawaii - Maui Ocean Center Tropical Fish 3

Hawaii - Maui Ocean Center Tropical Fish 4


Hawaii - Maui Ocean Center Shrimp


Hawaii - Maui Ocean Center Octopus


Hawaii - Maui Ocean Center Jellyfish


Hawaii - Maui Ocean Center Turtle 1

Hawaii - Maui Ocean Center Turtle 2

Sharks and Stingrays!

Hawaii - Maui Ocean Center Shark

Hawaii - Maui Ocean Center Hammerhead Shark

Hawaii - Maui Ocean Center Stingray

A special thank you to the Maui Ocean Center for hosting us.  As always views and opinions expressed in this post are our own.

Where in the world is your favourite aquarium? What makes it so special?


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