Photo Post…The World’s Most Famous Landmarks!


We have been so fortunate to visit some spectacular locations.  Although it would take many, many posts for us to give the details of each place we think you should visit, we thought we would give out some travel inspiration in the form of photos…so here are some of our most spectacular pictures from the most famous locations we have visited!

Great Britain - Bell Tower in London

Bell Tower (Big Ben) in London

Greece - Mykonos Windmill

The Famous Windmills of Mykonos, Greece


Germany - Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany

Switzerland - Matterhorn in Zermatt

Matterhorn Mountain in Zermatt

Cuba - Old Town Havana

Old Town Havana, Cuba

Egypt - Pyramids of Giza

Th Great Pyramids of Giza

Egypt - The Sphinx in Giza

The Sphinx in Giza, Egypt


France - Eiffel Tower in Paris

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Bora Bora - Aerial

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

There you have it, our best of the best photos of iconic landmarks worldwide.  We hope you have found your own inspiration and are ready to hit the road!

What world famous location do you most want to visit?


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