Reaching the Big 3-0!


Well we officially crossed over into our 30s in March of 2015…in terms of countries visited that is J.  Yes, our most recent visit to St. Lucia put us at country number 30.  We will have plenty to say about our St. Lucia experience in future posts, but on with this post.  This may not seem like a big deal to full time travel bloggers, but when you are travel bloggers, like us, who work full time at other jobs and can only travel on our holidays, this is a significant accomplishment.  We look back on our travels with great pleasure.  We have greatly enjoyed all our trips, although there are always things that go wrong at some point.  It has also been a great joy to have been able to travel so extensively as a couple!  We have shared some special moments together on the move and wouldn’t want to experience them with anybody else.  Here are some of the coolest and quirkiest things we have done in our trips to 30 countries.

1. Flying into Bora Bora, French Polynesia – there are certain locations on this planet that just leave you in awe.  Bora Bora is definitely near the top of the list. It is the perfect spot for couples travel, as it is so romantic and it is even more spectacular seen from the air.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia - Aerial View

2. Seeing the Pyramids of Giza – we put this one so high on our list, because we never envisioned ourselves actually being able to travel there.  We were fortunate enough to make our way to Egypt and it was worth the wait!

Egypt - Pyramids of Giza

3. Visiting 4 of the 5 smallest countries in Europe and the 4 largest churches – It is one of the oddest things we can say about our travels.  The only country on the list of smallest in Europe we have yet to visit is Andorra.  It is funny that some of the large churches seem as close to the same size as the small countries!Seville, Spain - The Cathedral

4. We have had numerous animal encounters around the world – from feeding reindeer in Scotland, giraffes in California, USA, riding camels in Egypt, and swimming with sharks and stingrays in French Polynesia, we have had some rare and close encounters with animals and we have loved every minute of it! It is such a rare treat to see such interesting creatures everywhere.Tracy feeding branch

Yes, we have been lucky to have the opportunity to see such amazing places and experience so many different cultures.  It is a treat to have traveled like we have in the past and we look forward to many more adventures around the world!

What is the best experience you have had in your travels?


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