Renting a cabin or cottage for your vacation!

Okanagan Lake, Vernon, BCSometimes rather than staying in a resort or hotel, the destination to which you are traveling calls for a stay in a cabin or cottage.  These are popular choices when vacationing near a lake, ocean or river.  Although we LOVE traveling to new and exotic countries and learning about their culture, sometimes we are simply in need of a getaway.  We want to unplug, relax and unwind in a beautiful location.  Combine hot sun and refreshing swims and you have the perfect mix for de-stressing.

Okanagan Lake, Vernon, BC

We are fortunate to have a cabin in the family.  Tracy’s dad and aunt own the family’s cabin located on Okanagan Lake just outside of Vernon, BC in Canada.  Tracy was fortunate to grow up going to this cabin from the time she was born as it was built by her Grandad and Grandma who originally used the home as a city escape and then later retired there.  When we want a quick vacation from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is our favourite spot.  Vernon is located a short 5 hour drive from Vancouver, BC and is the perfect place for a getaway, even for a long weekend escape.

Okanagan Lake, Vernon, BC

Even if you are not fortunate to have a family cabin or cottage, there are now great websites where you can rent one for a week or more and indulge in this great romantic getaway.  This is also a great family vacation because you can seek out the perfect accommodation to meet your needs.  Sites like and have many listings around the world for great cabins and cottages on pristine lakes and rivers or even oceanside. It is also often a very economical way of vacationing as you can bring your own food, cook your own meals and save on expensive restaurant bills.  Not only that, but many times, renting directly from an owner on one of the sites mentioned previously, will save you greatly over a pricey resort stay. Many couples and families find one to rent and then return every summer.  This is a great way to vacation and build incredible memories with your family or significant other. 

Okanagan Lake, Vernon, BC

Our upcoming vacation is going to be to our cabin in the Okanagan.  Every year we spend at least 2 weeks there in the summer.  The sunny Okanagan is a perfect place to relax and work on your tan during the months of July and August.  With dry and hot summers with temperatures soaring to 30 degrees Celsius and sometimes more, having a lake close by to cool down in is a must! 

Okanagan Lake, Vernon, BC

It is also a must-visit destination if you enjoy wine touring.  The sunny Okanagan is famous for its wineries and many of the wineries have won prestigious awards for their wine.  We love visiting wineries in the Okanagan and enjoyed a wine tour on our trip last year.

We enjoy being able to sun tan, float in the water on an air mattress and enjoy the odd happy hour :)!  It is the definition of “winding down”.  When we are at the cabin, it is as if time slows down and spending time with loved ones becomes the first priority.  So many great memories have been created at our cabin that it is hard to imagine what summer would be like without it!

Okanagan Lake, Vernon, BC

We are on the countdown for our fun in the sun and can’t wait for that turn into the driveway of the cabin.  After years of visiting, that childlike feeling of anticipation is still there.  So, bring on the sun, the lake, and the happy hours!

Okanagan Lake, Vernon, BC

Do you have a family cabin or cottage that you like to escape to or is this something you would like to do?  Tell us about it in the comments below.


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