Sailing on the Pacific in Maui!


Maui, Hawaii - Watching the Sunset on Paragon Sailing Charters

Imagine floating across the water with no roaring of engines, but being carried silently by the early evening breeze!  Watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean while you sip Mai Tai’s (or whatever your favourite drink is) and top it all off with humpback whales swimming by…that was how good it was when we took the Sunset Catamaran Cruise with Paragon Sailing Charters.

We started off driving to Lahaina, Maui and walking down to the harbour where the catamaran was docked.  When we arrived at the harbour, a very friendly “Captain Ray” who would be at the helm for our sailing adventure greeted us.  He checked us in and chatted with us while we waited for everyone else to arrive.  Once things were ready to go, the “first mate,” Ozzy, led us on to the boat.  These were the only two workers and there were only 12 passengers onboard, so the cruise had an excellent intimate feel that we really loved!Maui, Hawaii - Our Catamaran

Once everyone was onboard, we left the dock and cruised out to the open ocean.  When we got outside the harbour, they came around and served us our first (but certainly not last) Mai Tai :).  These were absolutely delicious!!  We sipped on these for the rest of the trip (and Ray and Ozzy were great at making sure your drink was never empty for long) and ate the scrumptious appetizers offered on board! Maui, Hawaii - Mai Tai's on Paragon Sailing Charters

After the first round was served (priorities, right?), Ray and Ozzy went to hoisting the sails and cutting the engines and we were in full sailing mode.Maui, Hawaii - Hoisting the Sail on Paragon Sailing Charters

Maui, Hawaii - Sail Away on Paragon Sailing ChartersWe sailed along the coast of Maui (out and back) for almost 2 hours, while the sun descended into the ocean.  It was so spectacular; we just sat there in awe for most of the journey.  It was so peaceful to float along watching the sunset and we enjoyed it thoroughly. 

Maui, Hawaii - Maui's Coastline

Maui, Hawaii - Loving our sunset cruise with Paragon Sailing ChartersAs the sun set, we were lucky enough to see a couple of humpback whales swimming by our boat.  They are such majestic creatures, it is amazing to watch them swim, as they pop up for air every couple of minutes.Maui, Hawaii - Humpback Whale sighting in Paragon Sailing Charters

Maui, Hawaii - Beautiful SunsetAs an added bonus, we got an up-close view of a very large yacht that was visiting Maui.  It was a spectacular boat with it’s own helicopter, mini-submarine, and sailboat.  It certainly was quite the ship!Maui, Hawaii - Fancy Yacht

We truly enjoyed our evening cruise with Paragon Sailing Charters, particularly the service and the intimate feel of the cruise.  It didn’t feel like you were just a number on a cruise, Ray and Ozzy got around and spent time talking with everyone on the boat and made it feel special.

We would like to thank Paragon Sailing Charters for hosting us for this experience.

What types of ocean experiences have you had in your travels?


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