Solterra Desert Spa…pure bliss!


On a recent trip to Spirit Ridge Resort in Osoyoos, BC, Canada, Tracy had the pleasure of experiencing the Solterra Desert Spa on the property.  Now, this is an indulgence that we rarely partake in while travelling, as we are usually busy seeing the sights and exploring the destination.  However, on this long weekend trip, Tracy was able to relax at the spa and enjoy a Desert Pedicure.

Solterra Desert Spa

The experience was wonderful!  It was a busy weekendat the spa and the receptionist worked very hard to fit Tracy into their tight schedule.  Located in the main lodge building of Spirit Ridge Resort, the spa is a calm, tranquil oasis.  At the time of booking, it was recommended to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time.  This early arrival allows for time to spend in the beautifully appointed lounge, enjoy a glass of water or cup of tea and to allow yourself some time to relax before your treatment. 

Solterra Desert Spa

If the weather is nice, you can also enjoy the outdoor lounge complete with fragrant flowers, lounge chairs and a fountain. 

Solterra Desert Spa

With many treatment rooms, there are many options to indulge in for some rest and rejuvenation.  The spa offers massage, facials, scrubs, manicures & pedicures.  There is also an extensive Bridal service and options for the gentlemen to enjoy Solterra Desert Spa.

During the pedicure, Tracy loved the oversize massage chair and was impressed by the friendliness of the staff.  The hardest part was choosing a nail polish colour!  At the end of the treatment, you may return to the lounge to relax before departing the spa. 

While on vacation, it is nice to splurge on things that you do not do regularly in your day to day lives.  We would recommend visiting a spa on your next trip if you get the chance.  And, if you find yourself in Osoyoos, Canada, we would highly recommend the Solterra Desert Spa or a stay at Spirit Ridge Resort!

Would you splurge on a spa treatment while traveling?


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