St. Lucia’s Amazing West Coast


St. Lucia's West Coast

We just returned from checking out the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean, where we enjoyed rest and relaxation, but also got to tour some of the island.  We took a guided boat tour of St. Lucia’s iconic West Coast.  We can say from this tour that the coast rivals some of the most beautiful landscapes we have seen!  The entire west coast of the island contains endless tropical rainforests and Majestic Mountain peaks.  Here are a couple of highlights of our day and a big thanks to Joy’s Cruises for an awesome tour. 

Marigot Bay

St. Lucia’s famous bay, as it was the location for filming of the original Dr. Doolittle almost 50 years ago! It is a quaint little bay that is home to some of the island’s nicest restaurants, resorts and some amazing yachts make their home in the bay.  The multiple shades of blue in the water are eye-catching.  One of the resorts, The Marigot Beach Club, is special and is only accessible by ferry! The beach club is home to Doolittle’s Restaurant, an homage to the movie, which is supposed to have good food, though we were not able to check it out.

St. Lucia - Marigot Bay 

St. Lucia - Doolittles Restaurant

Lover’s Arch

One of the coolest structures we have seen, Lover’s arch is a rock outcropping worn into the coastline by years of erosion.  It is said that those couples that pass under the arch and kiss will have many years of happiness together.  Who knows if it is true, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to give it a try ;).  Regardless, it is an amazing sight and it was very cool to be able to travel right through it!

 St. Lucia - Lover's Arch


Soufriere is the largest town in southwest St. Lucia and is built in classic French colonial style, a style it maintains to this day.  There are numerous buildings to see that were originally built during French occupation of the island.  In addition, there are many landmarks to see including the mud baths, and two waterfalls, but the most exciting thing to see is the view you get of the spectacular Pitons from the beach and bay in Soufriere.

St. Lucia - Soufriere Beach

 View from Soufriere Beach

Jade Mountain

The mountain itself is spectacular in it’s own right, but the big thrill is the view you get overlooking the Pitons.  This is the reason that two of the most expensive resorts in the world call Jade Mountain home, Anse Chastanet and the Jade Mountain Resort with rooms starting at $1050 per night.  Needless to say, we did not stay here, but the view looked spectacular and the resort looked very nice as well.

 St. Lucia - Jade Mountain

The Pitons

The biggest “wow-inducing” sight in all of St. Lucia has to be it’s two largest peaks, the Pitons.  These two landmarks, the Gros Pitons and Petit Pitons, rise out of the ocean to staggering heights above the island.  Being so close together, they create a view that is not to be missed for anyone who is lucky enough to visit St. Lucia.

 St. Lucia - The Pitons

We had such a wonderful day touring down St. Lucia’s west coast.  Joy’s cruise, a little family run tour company that sells it’s tour right on the beach in front of the resorts, made it the perfect day.  We got up close and personal to some amazing sights and enjoyed a delicious lunch in the shadow of the Pitons!  We would recommend checking out Joy’s Cruise to anyone wanting a boat tour of the island’s west coast.

We would be happy to make it back to St. Lucia some time in the near future!

What is your favourite Caribbean island?  What makes it so special?


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