The Atlantis Exhibit at Kennedy Space Center…in Photos


We were lucky enough to make our third trip down to Orlando, Florida this past spring.  One of the days, we got to check out the newly renovated Kennedy Space Center and specifically the new Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit.  It was spectacular to see it in person!  We thought we would give you a little motivation to go yourself with some photos we took from the exhibit.  As an added bonus, we included a couple pictures of Launch Site 39A (where they launched Saturn V and Shuttle missions), which has been included on the bus tour of the complex for a short time only.  So, if you want to get a great experience at the Kennedy Space Center, get there ASAP (it may already be to late…).

Orlando, Florida - Atlantis Exhibit Outside

Video presentation at the beginning of the exhibit.

Orlando, Florida - Video Display at Atlantis

Orlando, Florida - Space Shuttle Atlantis Cockpit

Orlando, Florida - Space Shuttle Atlantis Cargo Bay

Orlando, Florida - Space Shuttle Atlantis and Evan

Orlando, Florida - Space Shuttle Atlantis Thrusters

The Astrovan that transports the astronauts to the launch site.

Orlando, Florida - Space Shuttle AstroVan

Launch Site 39A (sight of so many important launches)

Orlando, Florida - Launch Pad 39A wide

Orlando, Florida - Launch Pad 39A tall

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of the KSC and especially the Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit.  Believe us, it is even better to see in person, which we recommend you try to do quickly!

What is the one place you would like to travel for its scientific significance and why?


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