The Most Romantic Dinners from Our Travels


As we make our way around this world, we truly believe that we need to keep a spark in our relationship.  One of the best ways to do this is to keep looking for romantic opportunities no matter where you are (even at home).  We strongly believe that finding romance in any city is a realistic goal.  One of the best romantic experiences is going out for an amazing dinner.  Here are some of our favourite romantic dinners:

Cloud Nine (Vancouver, BC, Canada) – A high end dining spot, Cloud 9 Restaurant is located at the top of the Empire Landmark Hotel right in the heart of Vancouver.  From the top of the restaurant, you get a spectacular 360˚ view of the city of Vancouver, but that is not even the best part.  If you stay for dinner, they put you at a nice table on a revolving disc floor.  As you dine, you are turned all the way around the building to see Vancouver from all different angles.  Patrons can see the harbor, the bustling city, parts of Stanley Park and even out to the ocean.  It is the perfect location to take in one of Vancouver’s amazing sunsets.  Get there early and just sit and enjoy the views (the restaurant staff are fantastic in not making you feel rushed).

Vancouver - Cloud 9 Restaurant View

Cloud 9 Restaurant View

Beach candlelit dinner at Azul Sensatori  (Mayan Riviera, Mexico) – This is an option at the Azul Sensatori  that is not included in the all-inclusive package, but it is definitely worth the extra money if you are looking for a romantic dinner for two.  The tables are set up along the white sand beach and you can sign up for one of two dining times.  We recommend choosing the one that occurs closest to the sunset at that time of year.  It is a wonderful setting for watching the waves roll in as you dine.  The food is all brought out by what seems like your own personal waiter/waitress.  The only down side is that tables are set up close together, so couples are dining within earshot of each other.  However, the resort sets up wonderful fabric dividers on two sides and it does feel like you are by yourselves.  Most of the time you do not hear any of the other couples dining. Read more about our experience at the Azul Sensatori  here

Sensatori Azul Dinner

Sensatori Azul Dinner

Mama’s Fish House (Maui, Hawaii, USA) – Located on the beach on the north shore of Maui, Mama’s Fish House is one of Maui’s most popular restaurants.  This upscale restaurant serves wonderful seafood options to patrons as they gaze out at the ocean.  As we said, it is a popular place, so we recommend getting there early or making a reservation in advance; otherwise you will be waiting awhile.

Auberge de la Halle Restaurant (Gruyere, Switzerland) – Gruyere is a small medieval town perched atop a rocky hill in south central Switzerland.  It is a quaint little town famous for its cheese…with good reason!  It is great to stroll along the nearly carless cobblestone streets and check out the chateau.  We chose one of the restaurants in a hotel along the main street called Auberge de la Halle, but we imagine any of the restaurants along the street would be good choices.  Sit out on the patio (if it is nice weather) and enjoy some traditional swiss cheese and/or chocolate fondue or a little raclette (another delicious cheese dish) while you watch people go by.  It is an excellent dinner setting and a great chance for some romance.

Gruyere, Switzerland

Gruyere, Switzerland

Switzerland - Gruyere Fondue!!

Gruyere Fondue!!

Beach Candlelit Dinner at Sandals Whitehouse (Whitehouse, Jamaica) – A wonderful option at the Sandals Whitehouse resort is the beach candlelit dinner for two.  Again, this meal is not included in the all-inclusive package, but we would recommend it if you can manage the additional cost.  Here you can dine on the beach and watch the sunset with no one within yelling distance of you!  It is a truly romantic dinner for two.  Another great aspect is they bring you in before the dinner and have you choose your menu choices for the meal.  They have great selections, including lobster, steak and fish and it is all served by your own personal waiter/waitress!  It was one of the most romantic settings we have been in as we watched the sun set!  To learn more about our trip to Sandals Whitehouse click here.

Jamaica - Sandals Whitehouse

Wedgewood Restaurant (Edinburgh, Scotland) – The Wedgewood Restaurant is located right on the historic Royal Mile in Edinburgh.  It has a nice romantic setting created by the restaurant owners, and a creative dining experience (check out the way they present the food).  While you eat, you get to enjoy the lively Royal Mile as tourists and locals pass on by.

Edinburgh - Wedgewood Restaurant

Boathouse Restaurant (Vancouver, BC) – There is multiple Boathouse Restaurant locations in Vancouver and its surrounding suburbs, but we are referring to the Kitsilano location.  The restaurant was built right on the beachfront with nothing blocking its view of Kits beach and ocean beyond.  The restaurant was designed to have floor to ceiling windows on the side facing the water and is the perfect setting for watching a sunset in Vancouver!  The food is delicious, consisting of many great fresh seafood options.  If you are in to sunsets, you must dine at this restaurant on your summer visit to Vancouver!!

Vancouver - Boathouse Kitsilano View

View from the Boathouse Kitsilano in Vancouver

Vancouver - Salmon Dinner at Boathouse

Salmon Dinner at Boathouse

Well I hope you enjoyed our romantic dinner options.  We have thoroughly enjoyed each of our meals at these locations and hope you get the opportunity to enjoy them for yourselves some day!  You are probably feeling hungry now after all this food talk ;). 


What is the most romantic meal you have ever had?  What is the most romantic restaurant you have visited?


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