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Orlando - Disney's Cinderella's Castle

Anyone who has been to a Disney Park (Disneyland, Walt Disney World, EuroDisney, etc.) knows there is FastPasses available to avoid long ride lineups.  However, you may not realize that the system for FastPasses changed this year.  We were lucky enough to make our third trip to DisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida this April and visited all of Disney’s theme parks (except the waterparks).  We were caught off guard with the new system in the first park we visited (EPCOT) and did not figure it all out for days.  We have already given you tips on visiting Walt Disney World Parks, but we thought we would pass on our tips for Disney’s new FastPass System to help make fastpassing easier for your next trip.

The FastPass is now linked to your park entrance pass.

Disney has done away with paper passes (fast pass or park entrance), and in their place is a plastic card that is used for EVERYTHING.  The cards are scanned upon entry into the parks and a fingerprint is taken.  To get access to the FastPass line at the rides, you must use the very same cards and scan them at the entrance to the FastPass line.  If you are staying at a Disney resort, you can use a collectable wristband (called MagicBands) that will serve as their all-in-one pass.  They put it on in the morning and just scan the band at all necessary spots (it also serves as a key to their hotel room from what we have heard).  It is good that you do not have to carry multiple passes around each day, but it does prevent any “trading” of fastpasses, as they are your park passes that you cannot give to others.

Disney's New Passes

You can now get FastPasses BEFORE you get in the park. 

We downloaded the My Disney Experience APP on our smartphone and the APP allowed us to load the FastPasses on to our cards the day before we actually went to the park.  We later learned that the FastPasses can actually be booked 1 month in advance for non-Disney Resort Patrons and 60-days before if you are staying at a Disney Resort.  We had no problem getting passes the day before, so we believe it isn’t too problematic to get some FastPasses.  The good side of this is that you no longer have to run around to get your fastpasses from different machines around the park.  Unfortunately, you can only book 3 FastPasses at a time, which is unfortunate at some parks where you have limited time to get around (or get passes) or if you are at a park that has more than three rides you really want to check out. 

Orlando - Animal Kingdom

You can get Fast Passes before you enter Animal Kingdom atWalt Disney World Florida!  This is what the APP looks like:

Disney's new FastPass APP

You can reload your FastPasses once one is used.

We thought we were only able to get 3 passes for each day and this greatly impacted our ability to get on all the rides we wanted to visit.  However, after we returned home we learned that once you have used a FastPass, you can reload your card with another FastPass (if there are any more remaining).  This can be done by using the APP or going to one of the kiosks in the park where workers are happy to help you out.

Orlando - Magic Kingdom's Splash Mountain

You can go reload your FastPass once you have used your Splash Mountain FastPass!

You CAN change the times that are selected for you on the My Disney Experience APP.

When we were learning to use the new APP, we were unaware of a lot of things.  We selected three different rides we wanted FastPasses for at a given park and the APP gave us a “combo” pack of these rides with preset times to use the FastPasses.  This did not work well for us on many occasions, as we had times we could not use them and would like to have been able to set our own times.  As we mentioned, we didn’t have much time to learn more, but we learned at our last park that there is a way to change the times you are given for the rides.   Look into how to do it on the APP and if you cannot figure it out, ask at your first park.

Orlando - Animal Kindom's Kilamenjaro Safari

Don’t like the time you have for the Kilimanjaro Safaris ride?  Just change it!

They are very strict on times.

We have found in our previous experience that there was definitely some leniency by the workers if you arrived after your FastPass expired (not if you are early though).  We were able to get into rides even though our passes were no longer valid on previous trips; however, this year it was not the case.  Because you had to scan your card, it was clear to everyone when you were outside your FastPass time.  There was less than a five-minute window to use your FastPass after its designated end time.  Also, you no longer have the cards with the times on them, so if you don’t have a phone with the APP on it, you can easily miss your time.  Make sure to keep track of your times and get there within the hour.

Orlando - EPCOT Chevy Test Track

Don’t be late for your Fast Pass time at Test Track at EPCOT Center or you might not get in!

Alright, hope you can make use of our tips for Disney FastPasses to get the best experience out of your next Disney Trip.  Have a great time and try to remember you are in the best place on earth :).

 What are some of your tips for the best Disney vacation?


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