Top 5 Road Trips from Vancouver, BC


Vancouver, British Columbia is home to the main airport for Western Canada.  Many tourists make their way to Vancouver to see its beautiful scenery.  We love this city, which is why we call it home, but we know there are some amazing road trips that will take you to some wonderful places in their own right.  We recommend that tourists rent a car and hit the road on your way to one of these spots.

5. Seattle, WA

Seattle, Washington - Castle Fun Park 

Located just south of Vancouver, Seattle is part of the Pacific Northwest in the United States of America.  The weather and climate is very similar to Vancouver, so you get much the same beautiful views.  What we love about Seattle is the set up of the downtown core.  It is built right on the hills leading up from Puget Sound.  It creates this beautiful rolling landscape with some unique buildings reaching for the sky (including the famous Space Needle).  We love to take weekend trips to our American neighbor often!

4. Tofino, BC

You can head out to the edge of the earth in Tofino, BC.  It is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, which is just off the British Columbian coast.  Tofino provides unobstructed views of the ocean as far as you can see!  This is a perfect spot to have a little romantic getaway with your loved one!  One word of warning…being on an island, you will be required to take a ferry to get to Tofino and the cost with a car is pretty steep.  It will be worth the cost if you can afford it, though.

3. Victoria, BC

Victoria is British Columbia’s historic capital city.  The city seems to ooze dignity of an earlier time.  It is a pretty location with the waterfront framing the quaint city center.  While you are there, head over to the Empress Hotel for some tea and dine like royalty!

2. Okanagan Valley 

Penticton, BC - Okanagan Beach

The Okanagan Valley is located in central British Columbia.  This is a fair drive from Vancouver (around 4-5 hours) and the drive can be a little hairy in poor weather conditions, but it is a wonderful spot for beach time in the summer and skiing in the winter.  We love heading up to the Okanagan and spending time lounging on a beach on one of their many lakes.  We are most definitely fans of beach time and a freshwater lake to swim in to cool off!  In the winter, the Okanagan is home to multiple mountain resorts that boast some of the best snow in the province to ski on.  In addition, the Okanagan is becoming world renowned for their vineyards.  This is a great area to head to do some wine tasting…we should warn you to make sure you still have room in your suitcase because you will definitely be wanting to take some home!  Although, it may be a good idea to have a case sent home for you…hmmm…not a bad idea!

1. Whistler, BC 

Whistler BC - The Village

This is probably our favourite place in the world other than our hometown of Vancouver.  We love everything about Whistler, from the dual mountain skiing on Whistler and Blackcomb in the winter, to the European resort-like village area that is restricted to pedestrian traffic only, to the many outdoor summer activities, such as mountain biking, golfing, or hiking.  It truly is an outdoor lovers paradise.  We spend multiple weekends per year up in Whistler just enjoying everything it has to offer.  We have been so many times in the past, but still feel it has more to offer.  For example, we just recently got the chance to go ziplining in Whistler.

Vancouver is its own kind of special and you should not sell yourself short on seeing everything it has to offer, but if you have the time some of these spots are well worth a visit.  We hope you are able to check them out!


What is your favourite road trip?  What makes it so special?


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