Top 6 Things to do in Bern


Since we did such a good job of selling you on a trip to Switzerland last week with our post on Lausanne, we thought we would give a few more travel ideas for another amazing Swiss city, Bern! 

1. Old Tram Depot

The former tram station has been converted into a tourist information center and a brewery restaurant.  The tourist information center has some interesting information on the history of Bern, including a video.  Check out our experiences for more information on the restaurant.

2. Wander through the Rose Garden

Take a walk up the hill near the Old Tram Depot to the Rose Garden.  At the top of the hill (which is quite steep, so be careful), is the Rose Garden Restaurant and the Garden itself beside it.  The restaurant is a nice place for a meal with a great view, however, the best idea is to wonder through the garden and to see all the flowers and get the amazing view!  This is a common spot for Bernese people to come and enjoy a day.

Bern, Switzerland - Rose Garden View

3. Shop in the “Cellars”

Kramgasse is an extra-wide cobblestone street in the heart of Bern’s old town. All of the buildings surrounding Kramgasse contain cellars.  These have been used for many different purposes through the centuries, mainly to store the goods of the patrons of the buildings.  However, the cellars have now been converted into shops.  The shops tend to be quaint little shops carrying many different items.

Bern, Switzerland - Kramgasse cellars

4. Bern’s 11 Historic Fountains

The eleven fountains were erected in the 16th century, as a show of Bern’s wealth.  They are spread throughout the entire old town, and are very elaborately carved structures.  It is worthwhile to try to find all eleven, due to the detailed artwork, showcasing a different theme for each fountain.

Bern, Switzerland - Historical Fountains

5. Bear Park

The name of the city, Bern, is the German word for Bear, and as a result the city has been home to numerous bears since the 16th century.  The bears have been moved to different locations in the city, but made it to their current location in the city in 1857.  This Bear Park is located at the east end of the city right on the Aare River.  The original bear enclosure at this location was near the river, but had no access to river and was made completely of cement.  Due to the poor conditions for the bears, a new enclosure that includes a grass area and a “fishing area” for the bears was opened in 2009.

Bern, Switzerland - Bear Park Bears

6. Eat at the Brewery Restaurant

The Brewery Restaurant is located at the Old Tram Station, just up the hill from the Bear Park.  Sit out on the patio and enjoy some excellent views of the Aare River, the Old Town and, at the edge, even the Bear Park.  Try to order some traditional Swiss Pub food, like Bavarian Sausage.  Great place for a meal!  Head downstairs on the way out and see the brewery.

We found Bern to be such a wonderfully historical little town.  We loved just strolling through the streets of the city, but these places all made our tour that much better.  Enjoy Switzerland everyone!


What would you add to the list of things to do in Bern?


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