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Air Travel

We are often asked how we go about planning a trip that tends to be much longer and more involved than the typical 1-2 week trip that most people plan.  We are always happy to share tips and tricks that we have learned along the way.  We have decided to put all those answers together into a series of posts that will hopefully help people plan that dream vacation and inspire others to begin planning their own dream trip. 

The number one tip we always give to our friends when they are unsure whether or not to do a trip is DO IT!!!  You will never regret doing that trip, if it is a trip that you have always wanted to do.  You will, however, regret missing the opportunity to take that vacation of your dreams!!


1. Pre-trip Planning

Let’s begin at the beginning with our tips, the planning of a trip.  It will often take us at least 2 months to plan a trip of any magnitude and the longer the trip is, the more time we take to plan it.  The earliest stages involve deciding where it is you want to go and how long you will be going for.  For example, we planned a trip to Europe in 2010 for two months.  Our plans evolved from going to one location for the entire time, to visiting 15 countries, which included a bus tour and Mediterranean cruise.  It is important to talk to all members of the group traveling to determine interests and decide on destinations based on that.


2. Booking Transportation Method

Once you have determined WHERE you are going, the first part of the trip to look into is the transportation (especially air travel).  Flights, trains, etc. often only go on certain days of the week and this will be the most limiting aspect of your timeline.  It is more likely that you can get hotels to fit into your transportation schedule than finding transportation based on your accommodation. 


3. Tracking Flight Prices

When you have decided on the best flights to take (if this is going to be your mode of transportation), do not book the flight immediately.  It is best to watch the prices for at least a week.  There tends to be busier days of the week and on those days, prices are usually higher.  The best days of the week to book tend to be Tuesday and Wednesday.  Try to be flexible on your travels days.  Travel on the weekends (Friday to Sunday) tends to cost more than if you travel midweek.


4. Choosing a Seat

It is always a good idea to plan your seats for maximum comfort, especially on longer flights.  It may be worth spending a little extra to ensure a comfortable flight.  If you want to find out seat ratings on all different models of planes check out  They rate all the seats on many planes used by commercial airlines for things such as leg room, seat recline, proximity to bathrooms, etc. 


5. Prime Economy Seats on a Boeing 747

If you are taking a 747 for long flights, there are a few rows of seats near the back of the plane (where the plane narrows) that only have two seats instead of the normal three.  There can be an extra cost to reserve these seats, but it is worth it for the extra room and it is more affordable than first class!  Some may be concerned about being close to the bathrooms, but you are far enough away to not be bothered by bathroom lines.


6. Scoring an Empty Seat in Your Row

When you are on a plane with 3 rows of seats on either side of the aisle and are traveling as a pair, book the seat by the window and the one by the aisle.  The airlines will fill the individual middle seats last.  Therefore, if the flight is not full, there is a good chance you will have the full row to yourselves!  If the seat is taken, you can ask the person in the middle if they would mind switching for one of your seats aisle/window.  We do not know anyone that would be upset about that switch.

Those are some of the best tips we can give on travel by air that we have learned from our many flights.  Stay tuned for some of our tips for other aspects of travel.

What are some of your tried and true travel trips for airline travel?


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