Top Tips for Travel – Part 2 Planning Accommodations

Hotel Accommodations

As we brought you in Top Travel Tips Part 1, we are giving some of the best tips we have learned in our travels to help you maximize your experience.  This week we are focusing on accommodations, both how to get the most out of it and how to save money.

1. Location, Location, Location

When traveling to a major city, try to book accommodations directly in the city.  Even those accommodations that are a short trip from downtown are a challenge to get to in off peak hours.  Rental cars can add a large expense and driving around in the city can be difficult.  Public transit can stop running out to the suburbs of major cities pretty early in the night forcing you to head back and miss out on some of the night life.  Also, it is much more convenient to be able to step outside your hotel right into the heart of the city for meals, shopping or sight-seeing. 


2.  Money Saving on Meals

There are many hotels that will offer a breakfast included when you stay at their property.  It is a great idea to search for these hotels, as this simple add on can save you a great deal, especially on an extended trip.  As an added savings, bring some Ziploc bags in your luggage and grab some food from the breakfast (particularly if it is a buffet) to take for lunch on the go!


3. Booking online

If you are looking for the most inexpensive options for staying and are not set on the brand of hotel you are staying at, consider booking on certain discount websites like or  These sights allow you to pick a star rating and a price and find out the hotel after booking and making payment.  Both work a little differently, but can offer good savings.  We have had good experiences with both websites!


4. Internet access

Many hotels are slow on the addition of free wireless access to all rooms.  Therefore, if this is an important addition for you on your stay, it is a good idea to find this out before you book.  We have found that many hotels do not have internet for free in the rooms, but do offer free Wi-Fi in their lobby.  This has worked well for us and we got to get out of the hotel room for a while.  Make sure you ask the hotel about Wi-Fi access when you check in (in case you need a password).


5. Personal Requests

If you want to make special requests for hotel rooms (and we recommend you do), do this immediately after you book with the hotel.  They are able to make a note on your reservation for any of your preferences and will do their best to make them happen.  Waiting until check-in can be risky, because their ability to accommodate your request is limited to the rooms available when you arrive.  We often request for non-smoking (which is not guaranteed in all hotels), the type of beds and what floor we want to be on (high or low)).  In most instances where we have requested early, we have been given all of our requests.


6. Special Occasions

Many people plan a vacation for one of the special milestones in their life such as a birthday or anniversary.  Make sure to let every company who will listen that it is a special occasion for you.  Often the company will surprise you with some sort of gift to celebrate!  This is particularly true with hotels and resorts from our experience.

So there you have our top tips for planning the accommodations for your next big vacation.  Stay tuned for more tips on travel in the next travel tips post!


Do you have any other tips for booking accommodations?  Let us know in the comments below.


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