Top Tips for Travel – Part 3 General Tips while Traveling

Top Travel Tips

With our previous two posts on travel tips: Air travel and planning accommodations, we were focusing on specific details of travel.  This week we are talking more about the various tips we have come across when traveling that we absolutely love!

1. Grocery Shopping

If you are looking to save money, one of the best ways is to buy food from a local grocery store for some of your meals (we like it for getting breakfast and lunch).  The best part for breakfast (other than the savings) is that you don’t have to get up and ready to go immediately to get some breakfast!   We quite enjoy waking up in our hotel room and having some yogurt with granola or a muffing and some fruit for breakfast and then heading out for some sightseeing.  Pack some Ziploc bags in your luggage so you can take some of this food for picnics in the city (very romantic)! 

In addition, have the hotel unload your minibar to use to store some great fresh local food.  Make sure that you do have the hotel staff come to unload the bar, though, (don’t do it yourself) so you don’t incur any charges for the items you remove.


2. Deciding on Restaurants

When trying to pick a restaurant for dinner, try going out of the main tourist area.  The restaurants in the heart of the tourist area tend to be more expensive.  Whereas, we have found some very good deals just a few blocks away.  The food tends to be a bit more authentic in the little mom and pop shops outside the busy parts of town.  If a restaurant in the tourist area comes highly recommended, and you are still budget conscious, try going for lunch.  The menus may be condensed from what they offer at dinner, but restaurants tend to have cheaper meals at lunch.


3. Do your research for attractions

Many of the most popular attractions around the world can get very busy.  It can be difficult to get tickets and usually involves waiting in long lines.  We recommend looking into any attractions you may be interested in visiting online before you go.  Many are moving to online ticket purchasing, which would allow you to skip the long ticket lines at the attraction itself.  This can save you a lot of time and it can sometimes save you money, as some attractions offer online deals!

If you are planning on visiting multiple attractions in one city, find out if you can purchase city passes.  These are passes can be purchased online and they get you entered into many of the city’s main attractions.  These passes also offer a discount for these attractions.


4. Internet access

A common complaint that we hear about travel is how expensive it is to use the internet.  As most people back home are asking the travelers to keep in contact, they end up biting the bullet and paying the high price for the access to contact home.  We have found ways to get around this (mainly in travel around Europe, though).  First, check to see if the hotel has internet access (see our planning accommodation post).  Second, look for companies like Starbucks or McDonalds (especially McCafe) as they may have free wireless internet that you can use to send a quick update back home.


5. Contact your Credit Card Company and Bank

Whether you want to believe it or not, your credit card company (and possibly your bank) monitor your purchases.  If they believe that your card has been compromised, they will cancel it without warning and then send you a new one.  This can be quite a problem when you are not at home and have no way to get your new card!  Therefore, it is a great idea to give the company a heads up for the times that you are going to be away and what countries you will be visiting.


6. Extended Vacations

When you are away from home for an extended period of time, don’t be ashamed to look for a little bit of the home feeling sometimes.  We strongly believe in getting out there and experiencing new cultures and cuisines and it is one of the biggest rewards of travel, but we also realize that we can get homesick if we are gone from our culture for a long time.  In order to fend off this homesickness, we often search out something that makes us feel like home every once in a while.  It rejuvenates us to go out there and experience those new cultures again!


7. Upgrades

No matter what you are doing, if you can get upgraded, ask about an upgrade.  We have been upgraded many times just because we asked if it was possible!  The worst that could happen is they tell you “no.”  It doesn’t hurt if you can tell them you are celebrating a special event.

And there it is!!  These are all the best tips we have collected through all our travels in, part 1 – air travel, part 2 – planning accommodations, and part 3 – general tips.  We hope they are helpful in your future travels!!!


Do you have any tried and true travel tips to share in the comments below?


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